Friday, 28 July 2006

I have a yarn problem

I just found myself on cpu-enterprises stalking sirdar snuggly for a baby blanket. Geez. I did it without thinking.

I was actually thinking about this last night. I buy things in order to do them later. I then end up having to sit amongst all my hasty purchases long after the desire to do XYZ has passed. Doing a bit of self-analysis this could be put down to a couple of different things.
  • Addicted to shopping
  • Forget already have X zillion things to do
  • Bored and entertains me to do this (see 1)
  • Fear of having nothing to do

There are probably more. It's the last one that worries me a little. Therapist Louise has gone AWOL so I'm having to do my own diagnosis which is always a bit suspect because my diagnosis is inevitably 'lacking in chocolate'.

Popped in on my SP recipient yesterday and she is very sweet. She has made good use of the bits I sent her last time. I was thinking there would be two more parcels but now I think it will be one bumper one in a week or two plus the big unveiling.

SkipNorth will be 9-11 March 2007. You heard it here first! I will let you know when the website is updated and I have more information. Will be able to take bookings within the next month I should think.


Annarella said...

I often buy for future projects, then forget what I intended to do with the yarn... but it's all good :)

Have a lovely weekend xx

Fred said...

SkipNorth - count me in :-D

Daisy said...

Ooh Skip North. Will try and keep that weekend free. Must go and buy a 2007 diary!

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