Friday, 4 August 2006


You see Louise is one of the greatest people ever to have walked the earth as well as my best mate and was joking about how i should write more about her.

On to other news. I have signed up for stashalong. Many of you will think this is well, well overdue. And basically you would be right. So my promise....

Not to buy any yarn, patterns, books, needles or anything knitting or crochet related for 1 month.

I think committing to not buy yarn has got me a bit confused as I have cast on about 4 different things in the last 4-5 days. All small things like socks and baby clothes but still, I have knit anxiety.

No photos today as haven't finished anything. But let us just revel in the fact that I am now a stashalong stashee and repeat after me "It will all be OK."


Mary-Lou said...

Regarding Stashalong, it will all be OK, it's only a month.

(OK, so I had a rather lapsed month, but at least I only bought yarn I thought I would use, and of course that doesn't count as stash at all - does it??)

Annarella said...

Good luck with the stashalong! You CAN do it!!

mf said...

Only sa month left!!! Seems like an eternaty! Missing out on so many good sales. I did have to go the a LYS to puchase for my SP>. It was so scary for me!!

Daisy said...

Good luck! I managed to get through a month (couldn't believe I'd done it) and am now doing a further 2 (!!!!!!). It has made me at least look at my stash and do some things with it.

Jennifer said...

It'll all be ok! You can last the month!

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