Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Glitter sperm

I told you I'd try and sort out a picture. It looks better in the flesh.
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Did I mention Pooch's pants? Can't remember now. But many of you who have items similar to Pooch around the house will know that once they find something they like they seldom want to change. Pooch liked the 3 pairs of pants he had and nothing would induce him to change or, and this is key, add to their number.... So byrne breaks down and buys Pooch pants but lo and behold, they are the wrong sort. So Pooch goes out and buys his own pants to prove his point and.....

{as an aside - let's all speculate on how this is going to end. Before you scroll down post a comment and let me know!}

....the pants Pooch buys are IDENTI_FRICKING_CAL to the ones Byrne bought except hers were from Tescos and his are from M&S. This is the result of 10 minutes alone with these pants.
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The bars on the 't's aren't very distinct in the photo :(

I was in Greenwich last night and saw this billboard. Isn't it amazing? Not the actual billboard - more the fact I had my camera with me.
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Of course this is actually quite appalling and I hope no one was hurt.

SkipNorth has, by popular demand, expanded to take a whopping 35 people. Now that really is a whole lot of knitters! This means we now have some extra places available on this too-cool-for-somethingorother knitting holiday in March 2007. More details at There are going to be flyers handed out at Alexandra Palace so I don't expect the vacant slots will be vacant for much longer!


Spinningfishwife said...

Perhaps the passenger was wearing the wrong sort of pants?

Julie No Fags No Husband said...

Hope the ticket inspector did'nt use Pooch other two pairs of pants to throttle the passenger, don't let him book for Skipnorth either!

Woolly Wormhead said...

At least your efforts did persuade Pooch to go out and buy some new pants....

The problem I have now is the persuading the Other to get rid of the old ones...

Beverley said...

Received the first issue of Proud to be Crafty, very good Alex, was an interesting read.

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