Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Cast off the old, in with the new

Finished the bloody xmas knitting! Just checking in quickly as had a hectic day off yesterday frantically knitting, stitching and otherwise fiddling with presents after a busy weekend in manchester with Pooch's family. ALL DONE! Thank ****.

Have sent out about 35 copies of the zine which is rather good and have had some very nice comments back. You can still get a copy here.

Have more pictures of cherries to be posted but none with me so until tomorrow........

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Annarella said...

Whooo hooo, well done on finishing your Xmas knitting... I've still got two things... one of which I'm working on as I type this... but the other (my mum's blo*dy Clapotis).. I don't think I'll have done by Xmas... oh well...

Looking forward to getting a copy of the ezine, which I'm hoping to find by the time I get back to London in the New Year.

Have a good un xxx

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