Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Impromptu lectures

When I got to work this morning I got called into a photo shoot for our Events business's new brochure. Being sober and upstanding I got to stand at the front behind a lecturn and pretend to lecture. Except I saw no point in pretence and decided to go for it. My homily (sp?) covered many subjects including

  • the music of william shatner

  • balanced scorecard

  • the distribution of staff survey results

  • the height of some of my co-workers

  • the flying spaghetti monster

It worries me that there are some people out there who do not know about his holiness, the FSM. Here he is:

I know. He's breathtaking. I have asked Pooch for the gospel of the FSM for xmas. I love him, and Pooch, and want to be touched by his noodly appendage, and the FSG's fnah fnah. I feel it is important that anyone who has heard about Creationism should also read about Pastafarianism.

Incidentally my colleagues already think I'm nuts so were not surprised at any of the above topics.

Just before I go - is the word 'bodkin' really in such decline? Even women in their 50s claim not to know of the word. I feel like it was one of my first 10 words like dada or potty. Reassure me here - others do know of and use it don't they? What else would one sew up seams with?


Purlpower said...

Bodkin is indeed a marvellous word. And a handy thing for a knitter to have around. I too am constantly dismayed by the general ignorance of others.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Am familiar with both the FSM and bodkins. So there!

Liz said...

Bodkin's just one of those essential words! And I hope you gave a good exposition of the sheer... whatever... of Shatner's version of "Mr Tambourine Man" which has changed so many lives forever...

rosie said...

I'm a bodkin lover. (but then am descended from shoemakers, milliners, seamstresses etc)

Jo said...

Have just ordered the zine through site, is it still possible to get a copy of issue 1? I was still taking prozac when I got pregnant, obviously stopped straight away, no cold turkey, no harm done!

gourdongirl said...

Find Bodkins a very useful item to have around, especially when knitting!!! Also FSM and his noodly appendage!

Enjoy SKIPnorth, sorry I am going to miss it this year.

gourdongirl said...

Typo in last post. Meant to say I am familiar with FSM etc!

Late night and early morning!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh dear.
I thought that Bodkin was clothing of the Elizabethan period!
Only reason I can summise are qoutes such as 'so-and-so's bodkin!' from Shakespeare. Clearly I did not understand as much as I thought. Yipes.
I have heard some of Mr.Shatner's music. I find his famous speeches more moving - have you heard Hamlet? It is so bizarre I nearly cannot laugh.

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