Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Live life like you're gonna die... because you're gonna

Nope, not a return to madness but the title of a great song that Will Shatner stars in. Let me lay some lyrics on you...

You'll Have Time
(William Shatner/Ben Folds)

Live life
Live life like you're gonna die
Becasue you're gonna
I hate to be the bearer of bad news
But you're gonna die

Maybe not today or even next year
But before you know it you'll be saying

Is this all there was?
What was all the fuss?
Why did I bother?"

Now, maybe you won't suffer maybe it's quick
But you'll have time to think
Why did I waste it?
Why didn't I taste it?
You'll have time
Because you're gonna die.

Yes it's gonna happen because it's happened to a lot of people I know
My mother, my father, my loves
The president, the kings and the pope
They all had hope

And they muttered just before they went
Maybe, I won't let go
Live life like you're gonna die
Because you are

Maybe you won't suffer maybe it's quick
But you'll have time to think
Why did I waste it?
Why didn't I taste it?
You'll have time
'Cause you're gonna die

There's more but I don't want you to get bored. What was making me think about this song was that I haven't been able to take my second anti-d for the last couple of days for various reasons and boy, am I feeling the effects. Lethargy, confusion, I feel like I'm thinking through treacle if you know what I mean. My memory is shot too. This is how I was feeling before I started taking the second one on top. It got me thinking about what a funny old thing the brain is and how the odd chemical here and there can make so much difference. It also reminded me that getting better is only the beginning of the end and I still have the long cut-down period to get through. But once I get to the end of it and once I have cut down there is a whole big future out there waiting for me.

Current medical thinking is that it is not wise to get pregnant while taking prozac. Bit of a no brainer some might think but there is research suggesting it adversely effects the brain chemicals in the baby. At one point they thought you should leave it for two years after stopping but this has been shorted to one cycle. I'm not gagging to have kids but that bint at work asking me whether I was pregnant did get me thinking about the whole thing. The idea no longer repels me anyway.

In knitting news am still banging away at the ghastly xmas knitting. Ghastly. Soon be over. Am also gearing up for the in-laws visiting this weekend which means a visit to 'Sound of Music' starring the people's choice woman who I think is called Carrie. Means I won't be blogging much towards the end of the week.

Right, back to the ghastly knitting....


Mrs. Ricardo said...

Not that I'm tryingto push you into the insanity that is parenthood (oh, the stories I could tell...) BUT there are AD meds that are safe during pregnancy. If you want to do it, talk to your OB and your Mad MD.

Also, I was at my happiest when pregnant. All those hormones... And I have a temperment very similar to yours. I'm just saying... Being pregnant may be a natural anti-mad med.

Your former SP

p.s. Glad you still ike the magazine

p.p.s Your mum is being a bit intolerant towards pooch. I wouldn't take it well either... (But I'm just antisocial!)

p.p.p.s. I had the same experience with Swapbot and stopped using it for the same reason.



saw this and thought of you.....

Woolly Wormhead said...

Thinking through treacle is a good way of describing it - shall have to remember that one.

Interesting thang about Prozac & pregnency. They don't have exact findings for my AD's on that score... mine work in a completely different way to the SSRI's tho. Hmm. Food for thought...

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