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You wanted pictures?

Actually I don't know whether you did or not but I have been promising them for a while so fear not, this post won't be just yards of text.

I have just been through all the blogs in the 'Blogs I read' list and caught up with what's been going on. I like doing that kind of thing at the weekend because it's like catching up with old friends and hearing their news over a mug of hot orange squash. I actually made a list of the bits that appealed most to me this time. Top of this list has to be this story of enduring friendship. Actually I haven't written where I saw the link to this but I think it was stitchymcyarnpants. I'm going to be adding this blog to my list for future weekend catch ups.

Nownormaknits had a good one. There seems to be some sort of avatar war going on but she had this site and her own icon from it. I tried making one of my own but got all confused and overwhelmed by the silliness! Plus I've got one digi-icon and have been thinking of…

Guess what I've been doing?

I'll narrow down the options for you - it's obviously not working.

What do you make of this? Coming soon to a fridge magnet near you. Yes, I have spent my morning (or at least the last 30 mins) crafting my empire and not only am I stitchmaker extraordinaire I am diversifying into magnets and possibly postcards, depending on how I feel.

The other thing I was doing last night was making more of the little felt mascot things - but still no pics. Have started a cover for the mp3 player Pooch gave me so will have lots to show at the weekend. I was looking at the other japanese books the seller has on ebay and saw a couple of images of the inside pages. I am very tempted by the ones containing these pages.

Pooch has been on form recently and following my purchase of a swazzle (many thanks Tracy for saving me the trouble of searching for one) he has got quite excited by the whole thing. Now referred to as "Pooch and Judy" he was a bit upset to find out he wouldn't actually…

Panic over

The problem with having been so mentally fricking weird in the past is as soon as you have a downer you think it's all going to get as bad as it was before again. I now wish to report I am back on form and so you can cease to be concerned. In a large part this was helped by going to knitting last night where there were a massive 12 of us crowded round the little tables in starbucks. We had our secret santa and I came away with some very special chocs and some gorgeous stickers. Been a bit remiss with the cmaera recently so still no photos but will get there in the end.

Have brought my previously begun novel - "The Scientific Knitter" - in to work and will be doing some more of it this afternoon. At least it's typing in word which is almost like working I guess. Am also going to start my MBA research. Wow, so much to do!

Just briefly - my punch and judy book has arrived and is divine. I can't wait to get making my puppets! Am now on the look out for a swazzle, just …


The byrne brain would appear to have entered into something of a decline. And not in a good way. I’ve slept badly the last three nights and so naturally at such times of fatigue ones brain turns its attention to ways it can make things just a bit worse and you start feeling depressed. D.R.E.A.R.Y. Actually maybe I shouldn’t write this blog entry because the one thing more boring than being depressed is writing about it. Or possibly reading what’s been written.

All the way in to work this morning I was trying to talk myself out of it and I have even bought bread so I can go feed the ducks at lunchtime which is my old skool cure from when I went properly loopy. In fact on the subject of trying to talk oneself out of something – ever walked down the street talking to yourself? I have always avoided these actions as signs of stereotypical madness which, you know, just Is Not Cool. But today I let rip and did the two-chairs exercise therapistlouise has taught me while walking from Bond Stre…

2006 and all that

Let us get on with the knitting content first as that is the point of my blog.

This is the first 33 rows of the 169 rows of the Flower Petal Shawl from Elann. Am doing it in plain old black as that meant I could start it straight away and because I figure that will be the most useful over time. I have fancied doing a shawl for a while and toyed with kiri and a couple of other mainstream ones but I love the shape of this and it is sufficiently engaging to keep the knitting interesting while not requiring much proper brain power. The yarn is RY Cashsoft Aran and what I want to know is - is 'microfibre' the new non-emotive name for acrylic? There's 33% of it in this stuff.

While strumming through my stash earlier I realised there is an extra new year thought I need to add which can't really be quantified but just needs to be born in mind....What you going to do with all those single balls you keep buying 'just to try'? This black was the only thing I had more than…