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Soho and silk (and cotton, velvet, leather, pvc...)

With the very best intentions I started out for hounslow yesterday, initially meeting Nikki at Holborn. Discovered that as well as the district line being closed (which I knew about) the piccadilly line was also up the duff (which I didn't). Basically meant no way to get to west london. Was rather ticked off but Nikki marched me off to soho and a rather good time was had by all.

I'm not going to list all the shops we went into a that would take many pages (who'd have thought there were so many fabric shops in soho) but there are a few that deserve a mention. The Bead Shop in Covent Garden yielded these:

Nikki knew of this amazing bling jewellery shop which was packed full of sparkle and everything a girl could want in life. I was very restrained and just got these two:

I'm not saying what Nikki got.....

Then the Cloth House just off Oxford Street. I got the top two of these three from there and could have got a whole lot more:

As soon as i got back I started effectively swa…

Yoshimi jumper finished

Here is the finished object

The sleeves are supposed to roll up. The pattern is from erika knights special knits book although I added the curly whirly esque edging around the bottom. This is the yellow variegated yarn that I really like. I reall wish I could wear yellow without looking anaemic.

Then I did succumb and buy another skein of cherry tree hill. I love my first pair so much I have cast on another. In fact Gill at Woolly Workshop played a blinder and got it to me in about 17 hours order to delivery. Plus she sent me some gorgeous peace fleece buttons which I don't have to hand to photograph but will soon. Following all that negative publicity for angel yarns on UKHK I immediately recommended her shop to others and also do to you, dear reader.

I thought I would try a bit of a pattern for my 2nd pair (in 'gypsy rose'). The first were cabled so I thought I'd go for zig zag this time.

Pattern goesRow 1: purl
Row 2: k1, inc into next st (knit front and back), k4, s1 k1…


I got tagged two days ago by Nikki but can't manage to get the brain in gear enough to get 7 for each category. So here is my slightly amended version.

Five Things to Do Before I Die
Go to JapanGo to New ZealandBe clear of depressionHave a baaaaabbbbbbyyyyyyGet hitched (big dress)
Six Things I Cannot Do
Crawl (swimming style)Any one thing for more than about an hour at a timeSleep-inLeave the house without a bookUse chopsticks properlyContinental knittingThree Things That Attract Me to Blogging
Sharing what I've doneSeeing what others have doneSource of inspirationSeven Things I Say Most Often DudeKnittingYarnWoolPooch (in various tones of voice)BollocksBalanced Scorecard
Six Books That I Love Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, J Le CarreSmall Gods, T PratchettThud!, T PratchettA prayer for owen meanyMurder must advertise, D SayersMurder on a monday, P BranchFive Movies That I Watch Over and Over AgainMary PoppinsThe taking of Pelham 123ZoolanderStar Trek InsurrectionHellboy
Some People I…


I just heard this thing on the tv - a trailer for another religion programme. It went something like this:

"Without religion good people would still do good things and bad people would still do bad things. It takes religion to make good people do bad things." (Cue: shot of the blown up london bus.)

You know how most of TV is bollocks - especially at the moment. Just look at the reality shows on at the mo - celebrity big brother and soapstar showstar or something plus god knows what else. It's mainly rubbish. But I have found this comment quite thought provoking. I have had my on/off/off/off/on/off/off flirtation with religion and always end up thinking of it as a sop - something to make you feel better about bad things. But then, as I'm sure I've put on here before, what kind of god lets its believers suffer agonies, genocide and general trauma? Terry Pratchett always has gods in his books and his idea that a god's existence and personal power depends on the nu…