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Showing posts from February 12, 2006

Off again

I think it was on Monday I went back to getting emails from UKHK and I've already left again. It's just such a bummer as I've been saying to people already, I do really like the community aspect. But if I was going to a knitting group that had people like that at it I'd stop going. I'm not blaming any individuals but I've had enough, especially so soon after the angel yarns fiasco.

So I thought instead I'd do a quick run down of a few of my favourite suppliers:
Dianne's Knitting Yarns. Don't be put off by the slight naffness of the site itself. It's worth digging into. My personal fave is james C brett marble and I *need* some of it in the two new colourways but am holding off til after SkipNorth. It may be 100% acrylic but it feels lovely. I have a cardi in the pink/green colourway and have made baby clothes in some of the others. Woolly Workshop. Surely one of the all time classics. And in a great part simply because the owner Gill is just such …


At home today feeling manky. Slept really badly and feel supertense and achey all over. Have been mainly sitting on this sofa and feeling sorry for myself. Have even felt too pathetic to knit (much - obviously done a bit).

What I have done is rejoin the UKHK list and check my email so found this thing from Nikki. As she put it "Yes, I am also capable of jumping on bandwagons". It is an interesting idea though because you can see what people think of themselves. So take a look and see what you think and click submit - it's like a 360 degree appraisal from fellow knitters!

OK, that last paragraph was way too energetic. Incidentally don't worry about sympathising - it's not like I've got manflu or anything...

SkipNorth - counting down

Oh yes, SkipNorth, the best of all the knitting holidays ever! There are still a couple of places left if you have been meaning to join in. I have been knitting and crocheting flowers today ready as samples for one of the workshops. I won't post any pics as I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone!

Having a bit of a round up this is the patchwork baby-quilt-to-be I made a few weeks ago. The backing fabric and wadding are on order. It's a quilting supplier I got out of the back or british patchwork magazine I'd not used before and they don't seem to have turned out that well. Ah well, you live and learn etc etc.

I stitched this one entirely by hand and have started a larger one for me. Have been hand stitching that one too but have come to my senses and will not be doing that for much longer!

Pooch bought me some curious yarns sock yarn a little while ago and I have been making him some socks with it. The first is actually done now but has gone very well.

Here it i…