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Showing posts from March 5, 2006

Life update

You know how I cut down another pill last Saturday and then haven't mentioned it since then? Well the fact is I basically forgot about it which is a good thing really because I wasn't being hyperaware of possible side-effects. But then when I found myself freaking out about not having a wedding dress (the wedding is 14 months away so this really is not a problem) and about to burst into tears on Oxford Street it did occur to me that maybe just maybe I was having a bit of a reaction. And sure enough when I got my mirror out (does everyone obsessively carry a mirror in their bag? I mean, what if you get an eyelash right?) and there I was with one pupil "normal" and one like a soup dish.

I'm not saying this is a failsafe diagnostic tool but I have consistently had weird dilation effects from any increase or decrease. It all looks a bit david bowie and small children do run away from me screaming for mother. So obviously being in this highly fragile state my first tho…

CTH update

This is the message I got from them:

" HI i sorry to hear this. Cheryl is away for a family emergency and asked me get some details from you. The type of yarn, colorway, store you bought it at, and the dyelot. She said the plain blue the dye molecule is larger than the yarn molecule. When we get some of this info we will resolve this problem for you. Again sorry about this. If you would like to send us the yarn we will look at it and see if we can find the problem and we will get this dealt with for you. Thank You Kylie "

I only just got round to replying so will see what happens next. But that bit about molecules doesn't make any sense. You can't blind a scientist with science.

Bored? Moi?

Well people, here we are again at 3.25 pm on a wet and cold Tuesday afternoon in London, England. I have been passing a lot of today by listening to Ask A Ninja and Tiki Bar TV on iTunes. And how can this be I hear you ask? Well guess what….I’ve run out of stuff to do again.

Actually let’s be realistic here. I have got bar charts to draw. Bar charts. I have a physics degree and am about to start an MBA and I am drawing fricking bar charts in excel. Here, allow me to share a bar chart with you. Oh go on.
This is what we refer to in the trade as a-bar-chart-with-three-colours. Jesus. I’m so bored. Someone come drop something on my foot. Then I can move to the exciting surroundings of A&E.

So what to do about this? Weeeeeell, I have told Sean. He knows. He is clued in on the fact that I am underutilised at this moment in time. However he is behind me with an qualified accountant at each shoulder with all three of them trying to work out what happened to £500k because the auditors are in…

Le Sac est fini

(and other bad bits of french).

That's it, the non-pink one. I thought I'd put the original in the picture as well for comparison. It's got a bit shapeless over the last year but Pooch says it is still superior. Here is a detail of the new 'smarter' bag.

Design imporvements include crocheting up the 'corners' to giv it some definition. This has kind of felted bayonf recognition on the left there but it does work. And then sewing the i-cord handles to the inner side of the stitches only so the front of the st st doesn't get mangled and distorted.

I have been updating this in light of the arrival of the invites...

This is the official record of our engagment and so far contains all the cards we got when we first announced it and now...

...the invitations, front and back. Yep, they are postcards. We have a limited budget and I adore tulips so they're everything I needed in an invite. Now to some this might look suspiciously like scrapbooking. Oh dear me no…