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Showing posts from March 19, 2006

Public Apology

I am really sorry guys for being such a bad blogger. Has been period time here and with the pill cut down it has all made for a bit of a rollercoaster. Am hoping have got it sorted now.

In an effort to redeem myself here are a couple of snaps of this evening's adventure. You remember me mentioning a t-shirt with 'Mrs Pooch' written on it some time ago? I wore it at the engagement party 2 weekends ago and someone slopped red wine down my back. Stained pretty badly so rather than give up have been at it with fabric paint. Here's the 'new' back with all the stains covered up...And here is the front in case anyone was curious!
Mut stop there as have a man down here - Pooch has self confessed man flu and is coughing rather impressively in the bathroom. He asked me today whether if he was made of wool and died would I knit him into a jumper? Then would I make sure to handwash it only and would I let anyone else wear it? The two of us are stupidly happy and in love at t…

I'm too boring for my shirt

Can't remember whether I've shown this beforer but this is what happened to the kaffe fassett v-neck that was never meant to be. Doesn't it just say cushion cover to you?

The red and yellow socks need washing so I'm not going to photograph smelly socks. But I have refound the camera as you might be able to tell. I have started another pair of socks though for darling Lou and here they are.

This is in 'foxy lady' by...yes, i know....cherry tree hill. I know I know but this is my last indulgence as long as the celestial merino turns out well.

Finally I've done a crochet motif. Oh yes. Out of the 'starting crochet' book I bought about 2 years ago. For some weird rason it has cropped itself in a circle which I guess works. It is slightly septagonal after I accidentally did 2dc where 1 would have done on each corner. It was the first pattern I'd ever followed in crochet so I was quite happy with the turnout.

Wow, what a boring post. Sorry peeps.

Right, well.

Am having a bit of a camera block. I know where it is. I obviously know how it works. But for some reason I loathe the idea of using it. Weird huh? What this means is that I have finished my finest pair of socks yet in hand dyed red and yellow stripes but I can't photograph them. But here is an artistic impression:

Good huh? They are actually prettier than this but obviously I am being too gormless to do any better.

Well I'm in a stinker of a mood this morning. The great medication cut-down has been going really well but this weekend we have an added dose of PMT. And Mr Pooch, bless his smelly stinky feet, did come in at some ungodly hour last night and insist on waking me up to tell me the results of his man-to-man talk with Joe. And the thing is, he did tell me. Then he told me again. Then again. And then he seemed to think I hadn't quite got it so he old me again just in case. Then he summarised a couple of times.


I wouldn't have minded, much, except a lot of it t…