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Showing posts from March 26, 2006

Bootstrap's bootstraps

There's a bit in Pirates of the Carribean where they talk about how Bootstrap Bill got weighed down when they ties weights to his bootstraps and the other pirate murmers "bootstrap's bootstraps hur hur hur". I mention this because I have made a watchstrap. You see the connection....

So here you have my watch.

It is rubbish. Just the strap. The face is fine. So let us dispense with the strap and here it is:

I decided to make this one out of plaited wire.

So now I have a bracelet that's also a watch. I'm quite pleased with myself in case you can't tell which is why I'm blogging AGAIN and have taken so many pics.

While I was writing this a phonecall came in announcing the imminent arrival of a VERY drunk Pooch. Batten down the hatches.

There's a hole in my bucket

Tragedy has struck, readers. It's not often I'll be doing this but feast your eyes on this pic of my lillywhite ass.

Yes, my beloved jeans are losing structural integrity and exposing my elements to the elements. I love these jeans. I have loved them ever since their first outing on the golden jubilee weekend. But now they are leaving me thread by thread. Once I have the new sewing machine in my paws I will begin a rearguard action but until then I'm getting a patchy tan.

Blocked Lucinda's scarf last night and is all dry and lovely today. It is mobair mohair boucle in these lovely pinky shades. When I first attended ally pally (a mere two ago) I came across the mobair stand early and astonished myself by spending a whopping £18 on a skein of about 200g. This was an unheard of expense at the time but this is the third scarf I have got form that skein so it has turned out a bargain.

Keen eyed observers will notice a hint of the clapotis about it as it is knitted on the diag…

Ooooo Handbag

Yuck. I feel yuck. That Pooch....he's got a lot to answer for.

Have not managed to get much knitting done as I feel yuck. Would have been watching lousy films on video all day except Pooch unplugged the video about 2 months ago and despite repeated requests refuses to plug it back in because "It's easy - you can do it yourself". There is often this misunderstanding that because you have a physics degree you are 'good' with electrical appliances. This is what people with physics degrees do with wires. They tend to follow the same approach to plugging things in as the chef in the muppets does to cooking.
You know how he tends to err on the 'more is less' side of things and liberally fling flour and eggs around? Well physicists find something isn't working and think "Hmmm, there's an empty socket. Maybe if I plug this wire into it everything will work again." I don't do wires. I do cook a bit like the swedish chef though, which expla…

Finished object and the lurgy

I have literally just this minute finished this little baby top for Timo's kiddywink.

I'm pretty pleased with it. The double stripe at the bottom and the appearance of the st st band were both, ahem, planned. Has anyone else ever done this? It was weird. I was talking to someone and looked down to find I'd done about 4 rows in st st instead of garter. Couldn't be bothered with unpicking so kept it in and made sure I did the same on the front panels.

I really like this pattern - it's from erika knight's simple knits for cherished babies and you knit it all in one and then sew up the sides.

Pooch has given me his manflu except it has obviously mutated and become painful on its way over to me. Have been in bristol all day on a business continuity workshop hence my earlier than usual bunking off. I was having a chat with sean the other day and was talking about how it was going and I announced my discovery. In order to find something interesting I need to find it diff…

Why I do not exercise

Because it makes me feel so bloody awful. Been doing cardio stuff for 45 mins and feel absolutely disgusting. Anyway...

Have started a baby cardi for Timo, who is so wonderful at massages.

Two stripe purple which I thought was quite funky while not ommitting to any gender thing. This is some of the haworth stash. I have just reached a stage where I need a stitch holder and I swear these things are worse than stitchmarkers. This one looks like a massive baby pin. And it appears to be the only one I have left!

The sewing machine arrives tomorrow. Hoorah hoorah. Have a week off from 10th April so will be making it earn its keep that week.

Bought Pooch a rose at the weekend which is now looking purely wonderful.

We had a talk afterwards about buying things for people that they would actually want and appreciate but hey, I like it. Which is I guess the point of what he was saying.

Still feel like shit. I KNOW people say it will get easier with time but I've always loathed exercise and it nev…


The day didn't really start that well. As well as having to rush out for supplies for the man-flu-ridden-pooch I managed to leave without taking my pills. Got there in time for my first class which was 'crazy patchwork' where we made this card:

I didn't choose the design or the fabrics which are just not 'me' but I get the idea and that was the main point.

I was supposed to stay until 2.45 for a gilda baron painted landscape one but by half way through the patchwork my hand was shaking and I was finding it hard to concentrate. Made a beeline for the knitting area to say hello to Nic, Les, Tess, Yvonne, Fred et al and then looked around for the fabric area. Now the show was called "Stitch and Craft" so I thought there would be some sewing things, like fat quarters and had been really looking forward to choosing them. BUT turns out I hadn't paid enough attention and it was ALL cross stitch. And I mean ALL. There were about 3 knitting stands and some d…