Monday, 17 April 2006

Man Utd and cushions

Let's try this as I've seen it on a couple of blogs recently. This is manchester united not doing anything much.

Yeah, so my one time appearance at a football match was on the occasion of possibly their most boring match of the season where they appear to have thrown away any chance of winning the title. Anyway, all done now.

Apart from that we had a lovely weekend and spent saturday exploring hebden bridge. Which is where I came across Attica.
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I've seen their ads in magazines plenty of times but hadn't remembered where they actually were so was a really nice surprise. Was a good shop with lots of the usual debbie bliss, rowan and noro. Plus some british breeds stuff so I am afraid I did splurge on a pack of blue faced leicester dk which is lovely and soft. Am thinking maybe tubey? Although might be too hot. I'll see. Means I must reset my counter!

Pooch's mum gave me an easter egg half filled with white and dark bunnies and eggs which was very much appreciated! When I unwrapped the egg (the contents disappeared on the train back) it had this lovely pattern on which reminded me of some of the embroidery in my previous post.
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I've been feeling unhappy about all the 4-ply I've been knitting recently so went for something chunkier when I got back. Got out 5 of the colours I had been doing the kaffe v-neck in and knitted the back of the cushion quickly. Was very satisfying seeing it grow so quickly so really must leave socks behind for a bit or will bore myself silly.
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Here are the two bits together. I sewed up 3 edges and put a zip in the 4th and here we have the lovely cushion with the tape measure cunningly draped to hide the muck up in the middle where my three needle bind off missed a few stitches.
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Today the Pooch and I are off to art4fun in west hampstead after careful negotiations. Pooch seems determined to paint a mug and I suspect it will be yellow as this is what he is mainly wearing today. I want a nice jug for cooling summer drinks and whatnot. We will see what turns up!
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