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Showing posts from April 23, 2006

Finally, some knitting

It's been a long slog but I finally finished the petal shawl from Here it is unblocked.

Now here is where we get to a funny story. I finished it and so I decided to block it. Ok so far? So, I pinned it out on our spare bed because it is too big for the table. So anyway, it covers most of the bed. Then I sit back and take it easy - watch babylon 5, drink water, paint my nails etc etc. Pooch phones and he's pretty drunk and incoherent but says he'll be home soon. Hah! I go to bed and then at about 1.15am arrives....the Pooch. Oh yes. And here we go....

P: BYRNE, Byrne, Byrne, Poor Pooch, Byrne.
A: Good grief. Come to bed.
P: Oooo noooooooo (nooooo, noooo, nooooo in voice of emperor paletine in star wars)
(Cue various stumblings etc)
A What are you up to?
P: Oh dear Byrne. I think.... poor Pooch. Think I shoud sleep in the other room.
A: No Pooch, you have to sleep in here because of the shawl I'm blocking.
P: Byyyyrrrrrnnnnnnneeeee.
Now this is where I should have got…