Friday, 19 May 2006

Buggery bollocks

You know how cooking is not exactly one of my strong points? Well I had it all sorted tonight with some mushroom risotto and some chiritzo to give it a bit of texture. Bit it tastes like poo!!!! God damn. And I can't find my camera cable so there's no pics of anything from recently. Man, I'm going to kick that camera cable's arse when I find it.

Ooooo, OK the penny just dropped. I've got PMT.

Just to skip topic I'm watching a programme about aligator attacks. Ewww. Maybe I won't go to Miami. This Janey woman - I don't think she's going to have a happy ending.

Back to a different topic, I bought the e-knit cards from Nancy's knitknacks more than a year ago. That's right, a year ago. I could never get them to work on my PDA which is what it is designed for. So then, and this is so so dumb, I relaised last weekend I don't have a pocket version of access or any database software. So, yes, Byrne, that might explain why this wasn't working. Reloaded it all today and we have contact.

Ooooo, sorry gents but I'm going to go off on a girl thing here - do any of you ladies get PMT like surfing? I don't surf so I don't really know but it's like I'm riding a wave that is moving really fast and I am very precariously balanced on my board. And every now and again a big wave will go woosh and I'm engulfed and then I come out again the other side and maybe it's calm again. Any actual surfers out there are probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about. It just keeps arriving in bursts.

Grrrrrr, definitely for the best that Pooch is out somewhere and I have the place to myself. Or if he'd been here I wouldn't have a bowl of congealing wallpaper paste substitute at my elbow. OK he's in trouble. OH MY GOD there's no chocolate in the house. OK people, you know what needs to be done. I'm for the Dooleys and whatever god damned sugary foodstuff i can dredge up. I'm really sorry to all the women out there who are cursing me for adding to the stereotype but BUT.

I have to go. Need liquor. If anyone reading this is male, I hate you. But only if you're reading it right now. Maybe.

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Sunday update

This is one of the images I've been mucking about with while creating products to sell at Woolfest. I must catch up with Nickerjac to see what her plans are about going up there. From the sounds of it she has been as busy if not busier than Crazy Aunt Purl with lots of going back and forth.

Today I have been mainly eating battenburg cake in honour of Yarnstorm. In the post I've linked to you not only get her recipe for the cake but also get to see the wicked tea cosy she has knitted that matches it so perfectly. That woman is such a dude. If you have time look at the tulip post from a few days earlier - they are my favourite flower and she is such a good photographer it's a real pleasure to read.

I have also been slogging away through stakeholders onto marketing. I have almost finished session 2 so I *think* I am up to date according to the study calendar. Which is good as Pooch and I are off to the comedy club tonight for someone's birthday. And before then I want to line the bag Pooch gave me the kit for and that I made on the plane out to the US. It is a crochet mesh like a string bag in rowan linen print and is actually very nice although I never would have bought the kit for myself. I have chosen tonight for its debut. Hopefully I will actually locate the camera soon and be able to take a pic of that and the socks.

My secret pal has been in touch and sounds very lovely! She has asked me lots of extra questions including foot measurements so I'm hoping my heavy hints might pay off and I might get some hand knit socks. I know I've knitted myself tonnes but I have this idea that socks from someone else will be even more comfy than the ones I've done.

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