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Showing posts from May 21, 2006

236th blog entry

Yep, that's right, I couldn't think of anything more interesting to call it. I am demoralised, depressed and defied byt the rain rain RAIN IS IT NEVER GOING TO END??????? Yesterday was our one year pre-anniversary as on 26 May next year Pooch and I shall be marrying each other, at least that's the plan so far... we have been having a rather rocky week or two and had a big heart to heart (or head to head as is more our style) this morning and got some things sorted.

I am sitting here supposed to be studying when all I can see out of the window is RAIN. Here, this is some I made earlier.
Do you know how this makes me feel? Here is a hint. So anyway. Hmmmm. So yes I suppose I might have been doing some knitting. This is the front of the summer (ha! what summer?) top I started last week. It's pretty simple stuff but I like the way the yarn keeps changing. I also got these in the post: Big ol'postcards with lovely fibre type knitting images on them. They were to be sold at…

Recognition at last as the UK fanbase of Professor Doug, joint author of 'gansta knitter'. These are his hands on my chest:

Episode 12 of their podcast (found at mentions my adoration! I hadn't heard from Doug for ages - thought he had forgotten me. This episode is hilarious - I can't help laughing now when I hear their voices. What angels...

Photo catch up

I always seem to be catching up on this blog. Anyway..a quick run through life chez byrne in the last week or so. The regia silk socks have been worn and machine washed and are still as lovely and soft and vibrant as they first were.

And the bag crocheted on the flight to philadelphia has been lined and used and come through unscathed. It's actually a nice little thing although you wouldn't want to carry heavy stuff in it. The linen print would cope fine but the lining would detach in seconds.

These are the cute little antibiotics I was on (I wish I could photograph as well as Yarnstorm but nurts this will do)

And last in our catch up we haven't had any Pooch action on here for a while so here he is in the position he assumed for most of the weekend.

Poor little thing it turns out is not actually coping that well with me spending sunday cooped up in the spare room trying to understand what a market economy is. Actually this wasn't the whole reaosn I was in here because, an…