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Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Loads of photos)

I've scored big time. Check this out. In fact I am in a deilemma about what order to put these pictures in but here goes.

You see my parcel from my secret pal was picked up this morning. It was huge. Massive. A great big box. First tick box checked!

I have never actually bought Interweave crochet but now NOW I am so taking out a subscription. The designs are really tres lovely as I'll be going on about ad nauseum in a minute. There is also a pack of notelets in lime and pink, a lovelt card with a ladybird on plus the most beautiful pen. Here is a close up of it against my dress. You see? Fated. Let's gloss over the fact I never iron and move on....

Then here is this beautiful notebook with 3 sections all different colours and some rather fab choccies of which about half have made it this far through the day.

And then just when I thought it couldn't get any better, check out what was at the bottom of the box..... (the cereal, not the Pooch - I include him for scale and also…

What a difference a day makes

Someone asked me what had happened to Monday on my previous list. I apper to have lost a day but I'm not complaining as it means its one day closer to the weekend.

So for completeness....
Monday: 0.25 hours
Wednesday: 1 hour

Glad we got that sorted. Pooch and I have a lunch date today and then at 5.30 I am viewing the flat downstairs. Apparently there is some football game on at the time but who cares about that. You see the landlady finally gave us notice and it turns out the flat downstairs is free from the end of the month. That really could be the easiest move ever.

Finally returned to NWKnitters last night in Golders Green. Was lovely to see everyone and what they were working on. Jane was working on a shawl in an amazing green yarn and I forgot to ask what it was. It was a pattern from Scarf Style. It made me remember Angelina. I bought the pattern quite a while ago but going back to the site now she has added some gorgeous things so i think it deserves another visit. I'm ju…


Friday: 0.5 hours
Saturday: 5 hours
Sunday: 7 hours
Today: 0 hours

There's a number of things to be explained here....
The wedding is off, but the engagement is still on.
The MBA is deferred for 6-12 months.I've got heat rash on one side of my neck only. (The left - my left - does this signify anything? I know if you have hot ears it means someone is talking about you and I have always assumed if you have one hot ear, the left for example - your own left - that means the person talking about you must be stage left somewhere.)The table above is the number of hours Pooch and I have spent together on each day that is not sleeping or getting-ready-for-work-time. I will be tracking progress and quite possibly using the residual skills from my degree to draw a graph in excel.
I have rejoined UKHandKnitters.
So anyway...

My secret pal tells me there is a parcel in the offing which is tres exciting! I have been really enjoying spoiling mine who has had a minor and major parcel from me and lov…