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Showing posts from July 9, 2006

Favourite quote

There is a guns and roses song called 'civil war' from which comes my favourite ever quote. I know, but it just is. As well as the words there is the inflection in the voice when it is said. Ready?

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

It doesn't quite have the same impact written like that, but it does yet again seem to apply. I have been discriminated against. There has been a general misunderstanding. People meant well but assumed wrongly. Because you see..

Lots of the people around me thought my dissatisfaction with my relationship and the resulting troubles were because I was getting depressed again. But no one came out and said this to me, apart from Pooch. It just turns out that when I've checked they mostly say "Yeah, well, I did assume that but if you're not then that's great" or something similar. Just because you had cancer doesn't mean that the only reason your hair falls out is because you're having chemo. People…