Friday, 4 August 2006


You see Louise is one of the greatest people ever to have walked the earth as well as my best mate and was joking about how i should write more about her.

On to other news. I have signed up for stashalong. Many of you will think this is well, well overdue. And basically you would be right. So my promise....

Not to buy any yarn, patterns, books, needles or anything knitting or crochet related for 1 month.

I think committing to not buy yarn has got me a bit confused as I have cast on about 4 different things in the last 4-5 days. All small things like socks and baby clothes but still, I have knit anxiety.

No photos today as haven't finished anything. But let us just revel in the fact that I am now a stashalong stashee and repeat after me "It will all be OK."

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Stash and cash

Put togethee the new stash box at the weekend and very lovely it looks too. BUT. Not everything fits into it. Man, I have way too much yarn. Was looking at A Mingled Yarn and she showed her stash which was micro. How does she manage that? Because she knits like a dervish.
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The blue bag and paper carrier bag are what is left over that won't go in. Here is the box content all snuggled up warmly together.
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I've been knitting socks something like a dervish myself recently. Here is a detail of the slipstitch rib pair I made Pooch.
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And very happy he is with them too. I dyed the red yarn especially for him. I've also knit one of Tom's pair and almost done one of a pair of xmas socks: probably heading to Pooch's Dad.

This burst of xmas knitting is because I am really enjoying one of SPM's book where she tells a tale about xmas knitting and how desperate it all gets before the deadline dawns. All night knitting and so on. Ghastly. I will not be doing that. Oh no!

The Pooch-Byrne reunion went very nicely on saturday night. We had dinner with friends round and they all welcomed me back. On sunday the two of us conspired to make pot au chocolat which were thoroughly villainous in their loveliness.
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MmmmmMmmmm, baby. A Rick Stein recipe and not at all fishy.

Am missing knitting group tomorrow because Freddie and Becky are up. Still no idea what to do with them but I'm hoping they'll have some ideas. I am making up for it though by getting my work colleagues to start knitting. In a terribly tedious tale we have got new phones that are portable and people have asked for holsters (yes, my colleagues are needy and helpless). I've also had requests for knitting lessons so in a slight of hand I have offered lessons that result in your own felted knitting pocket for attaching to a belt or use with a shoulder strap. Isn't life just weird? If only I could actually knit all day and just get paid for that instead of trolling about here with balanced scorecards and similar yuck.


The other part of today's title is 'cash' which is what I have none of. I only got paid a week ago and am already worryingly broke. I am such a schmuk. I have downloaded crazy aunt purl's budget and my bank statements for the last 3 months (isn't it great that you can download bank statements and then re arrange them in excel - so handy). The thing is work have jut decided to start offering sabbaticals to peeps such as me and I really think 3 months would be about the right length of time to take off for. But this means I need to save 3 months rent and bills plus spending money. I have always been awful with money but the last couple of months have really brought it home to me. There's so much I could do if I just spent wisely and stopped stockpiling 'stuff'. Pooch got a whopping payrise yesterday and we want to buy a house. Need to get thinking and work out what my priorities are really.
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