Friday, 11 August 2006


Somebody asked CAP whether she ever worried about the ex reading her blog and she replied that she was sure he didn't. However, it is different for me because I know Pooch uses my blog to see how things are with me from time to time. So there are things I want to write about that I don't because of not wanting him to see them. I tried keeping a diary again but it has never really satisfied me and it seems dumb to keep one when the only time you use it is when you have boy-bovver. It's not exactly a good record of your life when that's the case.

From this it might be apparent that domestic bliss didn't last long chez byrnepooch. People who read this keep emailing me to tell me he's basically a shit. But then he gets annoyed about that because he says they only have my side of the story and so it all reinforces however I describe things. Which is fair comment but does assume I'm biased, which of course I am. But am I completely self-deluded as well? Do I really have such unreasonable expectations of behaviour and attitude or is he actually unreasonable? I have been in relationships before where these kind of things wouldn't have been done or tolerated.

Is every relationship a never ending story of angst and emotional suffering where you constantly question whether someone can really think that what they just did/said is reasonable. Do other relationships cause one half to question whether their whole view of life is wrong because if what is being said is true it must be. Or that one person has unreasonable views on what is or isn't acceptable when, applying the usual social norm that it's normal til someone tells you it's weird, no one ever thought so before.

What do you do when your partner thinks you are complete irrational and unreasonable as well as being slightly mental when at the same time you have this tiny fear inside you that maybe you are being totally cuckoo and you just haven't realised it yet. Can I really be being totally unreasonable without realising? Without anyone realising. Without anyone thinking to mention it. Have any of you held back from mentioning it because you thought someone else would have done?

Wednesday, 9 August 2006

How to look good naked

Did anyone else see this programme last night? It gave me pause for thought. The conclusion of my thinking was rude words in Pooch's general direction.

I am fricking gorgeous and anyone who gets to see me naked is damn lucky.

Love me, love my belly.

Tuesday, 8 August 2006


If your boyfriend/fiance/husband told you he found you less attractive now than when you met because you had put on some weight what would you do? Do let me know. Am trying to work out what 'reasonable force' would mean in such a situation.

I have been waking up horribly early recently and so was about to witness this little spectacle on the grass outside our living room. It went on for quite some time but I don't want to bore you or anything.

Have been knitting squares for iknit and his river project. Decided to use novelty yarn as I don't normally go near it so here we have...
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... top right is some sort of weird eyelash that just has lashes on one side and knits up a bit like velvet. At the bottom is some of your wendy magic or something like that. Then the left is the weirdest one which defies description. But they all knit up pretty quickly and are blue so they meet my requirements.

Xmas and gift knitting continues at a good pace. Here we have three lost of sock yarn. The grey/borwn are for Pooch's Dad. The bright stripe bottom right is a baby cardigan. And then the
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Little hint on the top right is some stuff I hand dyed for someone and the second sock of which will be cast off as soon as I finish this blogging. Thanks god. Am quite sick of them. In fact as I mentioned before I was thinking about jazzing things up a bit with some crazy cables and so started doodling.
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It's not much to look at but is an idea. I knit my socks flat so from that point of view its easier to plot a design onto them.
I'm thinking about makign my Mum this for xmas but I'm not really sure if she'd like it. Sian - if you happen to be dropping by let me know what you think.
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Has anyone else knit it? It's from the Scarf Style book.
I have had some green/blue 4-ply wool from silkwood for about 2 years maybe now - since just after I started blogging in fact. It was also the first time I met nickerjac. I prize this highly as I love the colours but I've never been sure what to do with it. Thinking along the same lines as the woollywormhead hat I have decided on a freeform bag in spirals which I think show the colours off rather nicely. I think I will felt it but I need to see how that turns out first before doing anything hasty.
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Aren't they lovely? Well, I think they are!
I have been spending rather a lot of time with my stash recently - generally sorting and caressing it, as you do. So Pooch resorted to some drastic action to try and get my attention. This is the hound-dog himself cuddling up to a bag of stash with some of it artistically arranged over his head.
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I believe his plan was to get me to lie on the bed to hug the stash and end up having to hug him too. He's devious.
Giving blood followed by knitting group tomorrow so another action packed day. Think there might be some work or something to fit in inbetween but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
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