Thursday, 28 September 2006

And the beat goes on

Ugh. I am supposed to be going to a keep fit class tonight after work. You can tell where this is going though right? I don’t wanna go! I wanna go home and eat cake. Poo.

Anyway. Let’s get over that and move on.

I have had lost of swap post this week. The first was a couple of brooches with are really rather lovely.
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The one on the right is double sided and has a pixie on the back in black and white but for some reason I don’t have a photo of that.

For the second I’m going to take you on a little journey of discovery because it was such fun to discover the contents.
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Wait for it…
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Ta da!
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Loads of lush stuff! Lots of papers and things for card making. And then some choc and shower gel and mmmmmm, lovely!

Lastly I’ve had two lists for the list swap.
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One of these was 10 bits of advice. The advice given was so good I didn’t think it was fair to keep it to myself.
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The other was 10 things that make you happy and that is the one with the maple leaf on it. Receiving them definitely made me happy!

The thing is, I have had a bit of a revelation about swaps. What I’ve realised is that they are far too much hassle and why on earth am I bothering? I think I got too excited about the last secret pal and missed the sending and receiving. I spend money buying things to swap and then have to spend twice as much posting them. So I have resigned from all swaps in future other than ATC ones. Because I am pretty hooked on ATCs.

I had loads to think about last night so ended up not going to knitting so I haven’t seen the gals at Golders Green for about 2 months now which is quite distressing. I wonder whether I didn’t go in order to avoid any kind of emotional response because that is what I was talking to therapist Janet about. It’s worse than I thought which worries me, although you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I’m basically suppressing every reaction to things and avoiding all sorts of stuff so as not to have to experience things. Janet was commenting on how I don’t have any wrinkles. She was wondering whether it was because I don’t do facial expressions unless I am overdoing them when overcompensating and playing the fool. The thing is, I just don’t know what to do. How do I learn to react to thing or to learn to react to them without then running away from that reaction? All quite glum making. Could really do with a bar of chocolate. I just realised I’m feeling sad.

Monday, 25 September 2006

There are somethings that are just too cool to put a short title on

This is one. For I am talking about SKIPNORTH.

Man. I know I am the organiser so should probably be a bit calmer about things but this holiday is shaping up to be one of the baddest things ever. In a good way. Because now we have a history (i.e. Feb 2006) and have proved our buying worthiness places are actually willing to open especially for us. It is just awesome. And people keep volunteering to run workshops on the Friday afternoon. There is just too much good stuff going on to believe it will fit into one weekend.

Incidentally, bookings are still open at although 19 places have gone and we were originally only taking 20. I've maxed us out to 28 but that will leave us straining at the seams so once they're gone they're gone unless I go mad and get a bigger coach. Unlikely.

You'd have thought an international playa such as myself would be rolling in wonga but alas this is not so. I am on a strict budget this month although in fairness this is so that I can afford to splurge at Ally Pally. Ooooo, I am just so excited about that too. Got a mental shopping list of all sorts I need to get. Yeah, *need*, right. Whatever. This all means more selling on ebay and I have decided that one of the things I will be passing on will be some of the sockhop sock yarn. I'll let you all know when it goes on. That stuff is fricking nice but I've discovered I can get a pair out of one skein so have ended up with twice as much as I needed. And that's on top of my already crazy stash of sock yarn.

I got my magic yarn ball last week and it was awesome as I believe I might have mentioned. Here is what it looked like when it arrived:
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Looks good enough to eat! Here it is afterwards:
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So many lovely things! I had a dream last night that I was using the littl green flowers to embellish something I'd knitted. It looked absolutely amazing - the most amazing anything has ever looked but I can't remeber what it was now.

The last photo is Proud to be Crafty- the zine that beats all other if only because it is free. Let me have your postal address and a copy is yours. Email it to me at or leave it in a comment. Just remember - it has to be your real actual living address and not your email. It's not available online. Ooer.
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