Monday, 22 January 2007

Bing budda boom

Have been on a training course today which continues tomorrow. It is called 'Influencing and Persuading' and my fellow students have been telling stories of stroppy team members, challenging projects and indecisive managers. Then comes my turn.

"So, Alex, why are you here today?"
"I have to deliver a hated project to an uninterested organisation with no top, middle or lower level support."
"But if no one supports your project how come you are still doing it?"
"hmmmmmmm, yes. Well you've persuaded me. Job done - I'll get my coat."
fnah fnah.

But despite all this it was actually very good and is not done yet as there is round two tomorrow still to come. Expect to be influenced and persuaded soon at a blog near you.

So where did the knitting update go? A few days late but bigger than ever. One knitted hat. Pattern is here.
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One pair of mittens in a sultry-Pooch with bonus extra Pooch-action-shot.
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One top down sleeveless raglan curtesy of an ancient Magknits. I have taken full advantage of the try-as-you-knit element of this design and in fact am almost finished (this is an early picture - although Pooch did point out when I was trying it on at this stage that it looked a bit weird and if I had some extra wool I should consider making it longer). I really like it and love that there is barely any finishing. Depending on how much I wear this one I might look at doing one with sleeves.
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The crochet afghan continues at a fair pace. Jane saved me with some additional wool and so I've started joining the squares. Oooooo and not a moment too soon as it's fricking freezing out there. I do prefer cold weather though. There is something much more honest about it. You know where you are, even if it is shivering at a bus stop.

So am off to check in at other blogs. I actually won a competition over at Woolly Mammoth's blog so you never know where a bit of reading could get you!

"And now over to the AB weather station....."


Woolly Wormhead said...

Winter person here,too, for many, many reasons. Did chuckle at Pooch's remark about having a bit of extra wool and knitting it longer ;)

So where are all the other Hats you've been planning to knit? (hint, hint)

Nickerjac said...

You've been knitting up aa storm, all looks wonderful especially the hat, will have to go and check it out :)

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