Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Something I do not talk about that much is my deep love of hip hop. Give me a 'yo b*tch' and a 'snizzle ma nizzle' and I'm happy. As such I was both worried and happy about two separate incidents that took place today. For reasons of clarity I will call the first Incident N and the second Incident M.

Even a casual passer by of this blog will know that His Noodliness is never far from my thoughts and so it was with worry that I observed a guy who got off the tube in front of me (Incident N). He was wearing his trouser groin on the low-low in a gangsta type way (in that it was somewhere around his knees) and it struck me that he walked a bit like a penguin. BUT are not penguins outcasts and not favoured in His sight? Weren't they sent to Antarctica, His least favourite continent because it makes the beer volcano freeze? Did this mean that He disn't like hip hop? I am pretty worried about this but the 8 "I'd really rather you didn'ts" don't include music and if He felt strongly about it they would so I think it might be OK.

The thing that made me happy (Incident M) was that during my trip to the post office I did a double take by the magazine rack when I saw a magazine called "Hip Hop" no less. It is in the national enquirer type format being american letter sized and printed on recently recycled loo roll but the byline was "Covering the entire hip hop culture" and it was only £1.50. For £1.50 I'm prepared to accept it will disintegrate if it even looks like rain and so off I went with it. I had only just opened it to flick through when I saw this......

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His name is Flavor Flav and HE HAS HIS NAME WRITTEN ON HIS TEETH. I can imagine Xzibit on 'Pimp My Ride' (the US version not the namby pamby UK one with tim westwood who always looks like he's wearing his much larger brother's hand-me-downs) looking at those and pulling one of those cute little faces that makes the programme so good. There is a picture of Xzibit in the same spread (something to do with some sports event) but he isn't pulling a face so I can only assume he hadn't seen him yet.

What has all this to do with knitting? Um, well maybe not exactly that much although I do sometimes like to knit with hip hop music on in the background and will forever consider Tom and Doug's gansta knitter to be the finest cross-cultural hybrid ever created.

I do have knitting to report - almost by stealth I have practically finished Eve from a Colinette Giotto pattern book in striped colours of giotto. The final sleeve to finish and then a touch of sewing up. I'm actually rather looking forward to wearing this one!
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Here is a close up.
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It's actually been quite nice to knit and I love the way it looks. I was worried it might be an ordeal to knit up and would split but my trusty denise needles have kept me going through it all.

On a final note I tried to give blood last night. Note 'tried'. I seem to have no veins. Just watch out if I'm seeing you any time soon as my arms might drop off. They told me to try again in the summer when they might reappear. Spooky.

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