Friday, 2 February 2007

I is for ill

I'm not a big Katharine Tate fan, although I do think the 'bovered' thing has hit a national chord even more than 'yeah but no but'. However there is one of her sketches I do likie and that I think of often and that is the one with the old lady who invariably at some point in the sketch will say "Whhhhaaaaaaat a f*cking liberty." You see I've put the asterisk in there in case anyone is feeling as feeble as me. Of all the days to come down with a cold friday has to be the worst. Worse even than the day before a big deadline because at least then you can struggle womanfully on regardless. On a friday you have your own free time ahead of you. Your own hard earned weekend. You've slogged the other 4 days so far and you've earnt your fricking two days off and yet now you're ill and so you'll have to spend your own time.....your OWN TIME.... being ill. It's so much more satisfactory to get ill on a Monday, Tuesday or even a Wednesday.


Anyway, my lunch with John yesterday filled me with lots of riteous zeal and so have come up with a business plan, although the unenlightened might call it a spider diagram on the back of some junk mail letter. I have also made the bold decision to go into podcasting.

It was britknitcast that inspired me. I mean, she talked mainly about what she was knitting and what she had been doing and all the jazz as well as interviews with others and snippets of this and that. That sounds like the kind of thing I could enjoy doing and so I can reveal now, exclusively on this blog, that I have already booked a special guest for the first show. Hold on to your hats people - it's Pooch. That's right. Long suffering wool widow Poochard is going to be joining me on the airwaves at a speaker near you. Not right now though. Am too yucked up to talk properly at the moment.

So anyway....I won't be completing the alphabet today since I'm too pissed off with the whole ill-on-friday-thing but I do have some photos. It will however transpire that one of these objects has made me feel slightly worse.

One thing that has cheered me up is the arrival of my clippykit bag. Yaroo.
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The moment this is posted I will commence planning a foolishly complicated lining bag that I will never actually get round to making.

These are the finished socks that from tomorrow will be gracing the feet of sister 2.
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And this, miserable object, if a sideways knitted sock where I followed the pattern faithfully. FAITHFULLY!!! Is it a sock for a kangaroo? I can not imagine it ever fitting a human foot. Not unless the person in question was a severely undernourished clown. I spent time knitting that thing. Fricking patterns.
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So anyway, there you have it. I will remain on this sofa with my tissue mountain and feel sorry for myself. Send chocolate.


Purlpower said...

Huh, thanks a lot Alex, there was I thinking that I had plenty of bags (I have 26, I just had to count them for a survey, I am ashamed) and then you went and showed me a whole other bag that I now want with a passion that is scary. Cheers.

TutleyMutley said...

Get better soon! Would send chocolate but I don't have your addy and I'm staying away from the stuff so's I can fit in my boat again some time soon.
What does the sideways sock look like ON she asked curiously!

acrylik said...

Go for it with the podcasting! It would be fantastic to have another UK podcast around. Here's the link to where I got my audio software:
It's easy to use and editing is fine with it.
Look forward to your new venture!

Debbie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I love the socks you made for sister #2. What is the yarn? It's so bright and cheerful.

Curly Cable said...

Just came across your blog and would like to say Hi, also would like to say that I think your sister's socks that you made look blooming fab! Hope you don't mind me asking, but what yarn did you use? Hope you get better soon, cold really do take it out of you.

Becky said...

Oh dear my love - you sound right peed off !! I can totally relate - I'm so fed up of being poorly all the time I can't tell you ! Still at least mine is for a good cause. I would send chocolate but since the temperature has now gone up into the 30's I fear it may melt before it reached you. Get well soon.

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