Sunday, 11 February 2007


OMG. I've amazed myself and actually got this done. You can download it here. It's 20 mins long. I haven't sorted out the itunes side of things yet but will do before episode 2. Episode 2 in 2 weeks time. Oh wow.

Show Notes

  • Lime and Violet Podcast
  • BritKnitCast podcast
  • Blogs mentioned in the podcast are linked to in the lefthand toolbar (CrazyAuntPurl, KnitTheKnits and SlippedStitch)
  • Cherry Tree Hill sockyarn available in the UK from WoollyWorkshop.
  • Socks that Rock sockyarn available in the US from BlueMoon.
  • The free software I've used is called Audacity and can be downloaded here.
  • The Audacity Tutorial I used is a video one and is very good. Shows you everything you need to get recording and editing.
  • The 'How to Podcast' tutorial I used was here and is really thorough - it includes bits about software and hosting.
  • This site is hosting my mp3.
  • Pooch is currently available for parties and other entertainment events.
Let me know if you've got requests either for the next podcast or the next zine. The zine will be out at the beginning of April after the magical SkipNorth is over.


acrylik said...

Marvellous! Really enjoyed it and so great to hear another UK podcast. I really enjoyed your style of presenting and you have a great voice.

If you want to record a promo I'll gladly put it out on the next BritKnitCast - just email it to britknitcast at Thanks for the great review :) (Still blushing...)


Sounding good dude but I couldn't get past about half way without it cutting out. I'll try again later though, maybe just me.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Brilliant! Tom really felt for Pooch ;) And on the subject of Pooch, I've never heard him say so much!

Really refreshing to hear - cheers.

Ali said...

You sounded really relaxed and confident. Well done for putting your show together. I look forward to the next episode! Its funny but your voice sounded different to how I had imagined it would reading your blog. Its strange how our imaginations work! You were really clear to listen to.

Elizabeth said...

I would love it if you mention my blog on your next podcast! Thanks so much for thinking of me... I'll be sure to listen next week.

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