Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Jeez, I am a really bad blogger. I'm having some mood swings at the mo so keep not feeling like blogging. Am temporarily up though so thought I had better act fast.

I have one mofo amazing finished object to show off but no pics as my camera has once again vanished. It is the Zimmermann jumper in the cashmerino chunky I got from coldspring. Oh, it is soooooooooo nice. Plus a cushion and have cast on another pair of socks using the stupendous addis my SP sent me. Woo ha for SP!

I know the next podcast episode hasn't appeared and that was really a result of me being down as I just couldn't be arsed. But.... I do want to do another so let's see what easter brings.

On the subject of easter I have a couple of token pics for you but most of all a poster on a zine list I belong to has told a story of an answermachine message they had when they got home. Apparently a telemarketer had called and left a message which went....

"Jesus died for you.
The least you can do is go to church on sunday."

Yeah baby. You know society has reached a new low when churches resort to open guilt-trip tactics.

(Note point 3!)


Linda said...

Great pics, they made me laugh, hope you feel good for Easter - lots of chocs for the endomorphins??

Chin up, etc!

Riggwelter said...

a brilliant post, made me smile.

BabyLongLegs said...

I like the chocolate rabbits one.....I had that on my blog last easter :D
Happy Easter Lixie...get some choc inside you to prolong the "up"...always works for me :)

Sarah xXx


loving the cartoons dude, especially that first one. I didnae get any chocs bought me for easter but I had plenty of beer instead so it aint all bad. Happy Easter break to you and the Pooch.

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