Sunday, 15 April 2007

Parcel number two!

Knit-wise I had a pretty damn awesome week. Parcel number two has arrived already from my secret pal and boy oh boy am I being spoilt. It actually got here on Thursday but I have been rather remiss in not blogging until now. Here are some ickle pictures for you....

This is what I came across when I opened it. So much stuff!
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A few highlights...some divine sock wool. This time from an australian source.
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Some smellies, tied up with this amazing wire and bead stuff that was also around a CD containing tonnes of hip hop lovelyness.
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A beautiful couple of magazines. My pal also included some of those page marker post-its (in red, so thoughtful) to mark my favourite patterns with and I have used every last one. Will try to scan some of them for my next post.
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And then there was this.... I left it til last as I had an inkling what it might be from questions she'd asked me.
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Now I have a video of my newly sock-clad feet doing a little dance but it hasn't yet made it onto the computer so these pictures just don't do them justice but - finally - I understand why people like getting handmade socks so much. And these are such an amazing pair!
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Bit more detail:
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Plus a lovely strawberry candle, lip balms and all done up in such a lovely way. Here's the complete haul!
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Went round portobello road with sian yesterday. Found a little bakery that specialised in cupcakes and cakes. Queue coming out the door! We had to stop and try one. I had a chocolate bling (with those little silver balls fairy cakes always used to have in my yoof) and sian got a red velvet in the cute little take away box.
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You'll notice my cupcake didn't make it whole to the picture. Well, you don't buy them to look at, do you?

There have been many replies to my appeals to help curb stash enhancement in my last podcast which promise to make the episode 5 even better than the others. And many thanks to those people who have left a review on itunes!

Now must go and answer the latest rsvp's for Nickerjac's baby shower which promises to be excellent and quite possibly cupcaketastic. But before I do, I have this strange urge to get going on a feather and fan something or other. Yarnstorm has one going on. Nickerjac has one as her page header and A Mingled Yarn has just done a very lovely scarf and there are more. I'm not sure whether to give in and just do it or stay strong. I've never had much luck with them before. I always get my repeats and increases mixed up.


TutleyMutley said...

Fantastic parcel - you lucky ol' thing you! what a haul.
And that cupcake looks scrummy. I reckon it didn't last much longer after the pic.
I'm still trying to stick to my chocolate fast. aaaargh.

Iris said...

What a fantastic parcel! Love the colour of the yarn.

Susan said...

Thanks for the plug! I am now a faithful subscriber to your pod cast ;)
You are adorable and your love for all things wooly & chocolate make for an irresistable combination.

** oohhh Cupcake goodness...

Riggwelter said...

oh what lovely gifts, you are lucky. The yarn looks gorgeous, and those socks...

Craftydramaqueen said...

Fabulous parcel! The socks are lovely. I can imagine eating the cupcakes, which is the best I can hope for cos I'm on a diet!!

Tiff said...

hi Lixie I just started listening to your pod cast and I love keep up the good work

Bobbi said...

Nice parcel! Lucky you!

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