Thursday, 19 April 2007

Three is company

No, not preggers. But I did win a special award for being the youngest to learn to knit in my Secret Pal group which I feel rather happy about. Strangely like I've achieved something....hmmmm. Or not.

So here is the little baby cardi I did in the james c brett marble chunky last weekend. Cast on sat am, cast off sun pm. I love marble. Marble, marble, marble. And as Anne pointed out over on the podcast page my favourite store is stocking marble chunky although only in packs. I have emailed them to ask if they'll do it by the ball and they said they'd think about it. That's what I like about them - there's real people in there that respond to one-to-one stuff with proper answers and everything.
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I also, finally, finished my first magic loop socks which are destined for sianybo's poor clodhoppers. We have EB running through my dad's family. I don't have it at all although I suppose I could be a carrier. Means sianybo needs to be careful about her socks so I'm hoping these will be ok.
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Staying on the subject of socks I've started these from Interweave Knits from winter 05. They are called embossed leaves socks but I'm thinking of them as my cherry blossom socks. This is the first of the sockyarns my lovely SP gave me and they're coming together very nicely indeedy!
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And EVEN MORE SOCKS! This rather pathetic little thing is a sample I did of a sideways sock. I actually did it some time ago but only sewed it up today. I can see the shaping went a bit wrong but the idea is sound.
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OK, finally. I've been doing what I've been thinking of as log cabin squares with a view to making them into a blanket for charity. But looking at them I realised they weren't really log cabin. Anyway, they keep me busy when I feel like a bit of mindless crochet.
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Riggwelter said...

Oh what wonderful socks! Loved the mini film, what a great idea.

Susan said...

So enjoying your podcast. Thanks for keeping it to 30 minutes and including such a tasty mix of segments. Know that it is inspiring a newbie knitter here in Singapore.

Susan said...

He Hee! Happy Feet !!!

** love the "special effects" film work ;)

Anonymous said...

*grin* love the video, glad the socks fit!

your secret pal

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