Friday, 27 April 2007


Am in america, so those are zed's I'm counting and not zee's. Or is it the other way around? Am sleepy. Anyway, quick update...swanky hotel room as until tomorrow morning I am on expenses.
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A teeny weeny bit of shopping has takenb place since I arrived. No one is tgo tell pooch. Note to self - buy extra suitcase (well geez, it is soooooo cheap and I've been saving up.)
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No shopping took place here as it contained nothing knitted that I could see. False advertising. Tsk.
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The only knitting that has passed my lips as I have deliberately not been near a wool shop. Tomorrow brings new york and then....ahahahahahahahahhahaahahahaha. Wool shops beware!
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Will be back in the uk on tues.


Anonymous said...

Lixie - I'm in New York. Where are you?

mollyskye (at) hotmail (dot) com

ra said...

thanks for your mention of my blog on your podcast. fame at last. I'm enjoying the podcast, nice to have ones in a british accent.

The telephone sheep are Argentinian I think. They are brilliant aren't they?

Knitpicked said...

Oh, Lixie, Lixie, Lixie! Little did you know...Maryland Sheep and Wool is May 5-6. A half day's wander from NYC (you can probably find a ride, if you ask at local yarn hangouts while in the Big Apple). MSAW is America's largest wool orgy--ahem, festival. A visit is easily worth the value of your empty suitcase and a plane ticket date change fee. Definitely worth that plus the inevitable cost of shipping back a dozen of international priority mailboxes stuffed with the stuff you couldn't manage in that capacious new suitcase. Yeah, that bad, or good, depending on your perspective.

Riggwelter said...

Hope you're having a great time.

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