Sunday, 6 May 2007

As my mother has been heard to say....

"Jesus H Christ on a bicycle".

I just used my own Stashtimator on my stash. Now I know for a fact that thing underestimates the yardage. And I know I didn't overexagerate quantities as I wrote down what I suspected my stash weighed. But MY GOD!!!! If Pooch finds out he is going to go fund-a-mental.

I can't even write it down. Maybe I got the formulae wrong? New podcast tomorrow. Will 'fess up then, if I've stopped shaking.


Susan said...

Well, as far as Mother's sayings go....
My Mom always said "If you like it & can afford it, GET IT! - Because it may not be there when you come back for it."
So I would just ignore that stupid old Stastimator thingy. It's probably malfunctioning or something anyway.

(Is it really necessary to drag poor Pooch into this??? Your secret is safe w/me)

Daisy said...

Oh God. I just used the Stashtimator. Gulp.

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