Friday, 4 May 2007


Am rather jetlagged. Am confused now about when I 'should' be tired and when I shouldn't and so ended up going to bed at 8.30 last night which I don't think makes any sense at all. Has also been playing havoc with my knitting, although I did finally manage to get to the NWKtog in golders green on wed night. It was really good to see everyone again so once again I'm resolving to go every week to stay in touch with enlightened thinkers on such topics as stash acquisition!

My photos are still half on this machine and half on another so no new york review yet but I do have a couple of pics I can share. One of the bummers about travelling alone is that you can't as easily lounge around because there's no one to chat to. So during my down time i tended to veg in starbucks and other such cultural places of learning and watch the world go by. In one of these places I was fortunate enough to see this, completely at random.

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Yes, that is a young man with I heart Byrne written on the back of his t-shirt. The next few minutes involved me twisting and leaning one way and another in my chair trying to figure out if they all had them but no, it did seem to be just him. I wanted to go over and ask him what it was for but then considered the repurcussions of a lonely middle aged woman with several bags full of what appears to be wool accosting a young man and accusing him of being in love with her and then demanding to know where he buys his clothes. So I gave it a miss and now I guess I will never know. But I'll be keeping my eye out in starbucks around the world from now on.

Another thing I saw a scary amount of while wondering the streets was things like this.

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Yes, dogs in tutus. And other unlikely outfits. I thought it might be a one off but then noticed that every pet shop (and there were quite a few) seemed to have a selection of doggie outfits, and then I remembered books such as this...

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And realised why there were so many of them. It seems people really do make their dogs wear things like this. I had a friend who's mum decided it was only ok for her brother to pull her hair if she wore pigtails. I can't help thinking that it is OK to, not exactly kick, but to somehow put the boot in if a dog is dressed in one of these outfits. But then I suppose you should really get to kick the owner, rather than the poor dog.

Feel I am waffling a bit so will now reveal a bit of a secret which is that I am currently knitting up a frenzy on a secret off-blog project which I hope will explain why there isn't much knitting content around here at the moment. To make up for this I have been creating various things to do with the podcast, episode 6 of which is due this weekend. Over here you can find a pattern for a string bag which I talked about in episode 5 and also a new addition....
The Stashtimator. Oh yes. This little device calculates your knit speed in mph and your stash pension - which is how long your current stash would take you to knit if you didn't buy anymore. I'm rather pleased with it and in the next podcast I will be sharing my totals. Share if you dare! If you're subscribed through itunes you'll already have had the pdf pattern but you can download the excel file here.

Also, I am truly on a yarn diet. I have been over at Wendy Knits and am signing up to her 'knit from your stash' until Ally Pally.

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daaydream said...

I dress my lil dog up, but it's because she is sick, and it hides her tumor. I might have gone overboard at times, but she gets excited now when I sit on the floor and get ready to change her shirt.

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