Saturday, 30 June 2007

Baby Shower Count Down!

Have done the biggest shop ever for tomorrow. Need to warn people not to eat too much before they get here! I'm really looking forward to it though - will be great to see old friends and meet new ones and all with Nic's happy times ahead in mind. Which reminds me, still need to finish my gift!

In between baby showering, MBA, Pooch-maintenance and...what was that other thing? Oh yeah, working... I have been doing a cracking amount of knitting. Had a bit of a medication malfaunction this week and the mindless knitting on the EZ charity jumper really helped me calm things down. I've chosen saddle shoulders as I hadn't tried those before and it is working out OK. Almost up to the neck.
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Also while I was at our summer staff meeting yesterday I finished the cherry blossom sock using th yarn my SP gave me in my first parcel.
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Rubbish picture as the yarn is really divine and not at all dayglo. Cast on the second one on the tube home and managed to go three stops past where I was supposed to change so obviously a rather enthralling pattern!

Have also started something I've been rolling around in my mind for a while - a sideways sock. I had one attempt earlier in the year which turned out extremely malformed but this one is looking much better. I had found a couple of patterns on ravelry but one involved doing the straight bits then lots of grafting and the other put the seam under the foot, which I am never fond of. So I've ended up doing my own.
This is the heel...
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...which I've done using mitering and then a bit of jiggling. Here it is again
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and hell, let's not skimp. Let's have a third shot. This is of the whole thing laid out flat.
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This is the toe. Not pointy like my usuals but then the feedback I've had is that you *can* have your socks too pointy, something personally I have never agreed with.
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So I got so far and thought "Ha! Easy. Away I go for real." I dug out some Zitron Lifestyle that is german but which I bought in NY earlier this year (note: still knitting with stash like a good girl). I bought it and was then shown some small child knitting with it and looked on with horror at the fairly broad stripes of fair isle lookalike which put me right off it. But knitting sideways all stripes are thin and overall I am really pleased with it.
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That is one side of the heel you can see there. Next comes the sole then the other heel side before doing the top. What is that part of the foot called anyway?

Am hoping to get another podcast out this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has been saying nice things about it! If there's a blog you think I should be mentioning just point me to it and I'll give it the once over.


Ruthanne said...

wow - you've been busy Lixie - thought you might like to know that Nona has done a super sideways sock on her blog - nona knits - she broke it all down - I hope to do a pair after my present sock is off the needles - she does have you graft the length and then a small bit at the toe. They are gorgeous and it's fun to see the gallery. Have fun at the shower!

Jenny said...

Nice sock, Alex. Great colours.

mrspao said...

Thank you for organising the baby shower! It was great to be there even though it wasn't in person.

Lauri B said...

Love the heel, clever girl! I can't believe how busy you've been... and with your wedding less than a month away!

Probably Jane said...

That quilt is gorgeous - and the photography very arty!

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