Thursday, 21 June 2007

Podcast and Knitting magazine

Busy week so far... A new podcast is on itunes or at the usual address of Hope you like it!

At the golders green knitting group last night Laura asked me whether I knew my blog was in 'Knitting' magazine. One short trip to tescos later and here I am...
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Weird huh? Anyway if anyone knows the woman who writes that bit do ask her to get in touch and maybe we can share some lixie-love with a podcast interview?!

Quite a lot of knitting to display today. Firstly I am *still* slogging away on the trekking socks. They are very much a 'when-i-can't-thi9nk-of-anything-else-to-do' project.
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I have now turned the heel of the second one so they should be finished by the time it gets cold again.

I started a little charity jumper in the round when Pooch and I went to see the fantastic 4 at the weekend. Is nice mindless tube knitting for the tube/bedtime (yes, dudes, I knit in bed).
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Finally we've got what i broke my yarn diet for, although it's allowed as it is an i-need-it project. That doesn't quite include the two balls of tapestry that called my name but anyway, I'm counting it as the day of splurging I'm allowed under stashalong rules. The yarn is DB baby cashmerino and the pattern is the retro redux shrug from Lace Style, which Justine and I discuss on the podcast.
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I love Debbie Bliss yarn. And most of her patterns. And she's nice too. What a gal. And as for the book, I looooooooooooooove it. Sooooooo many nice things.

Have now had my invite for ravelry and am totally hooked. you want to get your names down and go and have a look at the screenshots over there as it really is lovely!


Alice said...

Oh my, and I seem to be there too!

I think she myspace-messaged me, and then didn't reply to my reply. Or that's someone else.

Adrienne said...

Very neat that you were in that mag!

La said...

Isn't it amazing when someone points out to you that you're famous? We had a similar experience over at JenLa, when one of our readers found a write-up of our blog in a knitting magazine. Wish I could remember WHICH magazine off the top of my head, but I can't. At least I have a copy of it at home.

Welcome back!

Emily said...

My blog was reviewed in a previous issue of knitting and I had no idea until a knitty friend informed me. It's very bizarre isn't it?

Ruthanne said...

love your sweater Lixie - the many shades of blues/purples with the basketweave fronts. Welcome back -I've got to get your newest podcast on my ipod now! Thanks as usual!

Ruth said...

did you know...found this thru a google search:

Katie Allen lives in a flat on Hove seafront and works full-time as Assistant Editor on Knitting and The Dolls' House Magazine, based in nearby Lewes. It's her first job since completing a degree in English Studies and then a post-graduate journalism course.

In her spare time, Katie keeps afloat the leaking coracle that is her freelance career by writing the Arts pages and occasional restaurant review for local glossy free magazine NC, and reviewing for She is also launching her own alternative fiction magazine, New Blood, in cahoots with associate freelancer Danny. See If you would like to write for New Blood email Katie likes to write about books, art, feminist and alternative issues, and one day wants to work for Bust magazine in the US.

Katie's other hobbies include jive-dancing, both traditional 50s rock 'n' roll and modern jive. She also likes rockabilly nights, knitting, dress-making, visiting museums and galleries and going to gigs. However reading has been her passion ever since she wanted to go to Malory Towers, grumble with Jo March, smash slates with Anne Shirley and solve crimes with Nancy Drew. Her literary heroes tend to be female, with Margaret Atwood and Angela Carter topping the list. Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively is her late night read although she is always partial to a (long) indulgent afternoon with lots of tea and a copy of Gone With The Wind.

Ruth see my blog

Knit Nurse said...

Fame! (and very well-deserved too!)

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