Sunday, 10 June 2007

Well I'm back

Really rather a weird week in italy. It rained a lot and Pooch and I discovered a number of humorous differences in our attitudes to things, such as sitting around reading or shooting the breeze. The train ride there was odd with our own little cabin on the sleeper fromparis to milan. We arrived in the morning very tired and so the first day was a bit of a daze, especially as it was pouring with rain for most of it.

There were some good bits though with scenes like this around most corners.
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The ride back was during the day and equally tiring. We had a weird afternoon in milan first and I slept really badly that night so was already tired before next door decided to have their loudest party yet last night, so today I've been walking around in a daze. Combine that with finding I have gained another 4 pounds and am now at my most heaviest ever and having my first assignment due for the MBA and being behind with my studying and I'm not in the best of moods.

I did do some holiday knitting using the knit 1 crochet too cotton I bought in new york. I am rather pleased with it.
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Close up of colour change and basketweave front.
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It would have been a pic of it in situ but I find images of myself physically revolting as I am now a full 3 stone heavier than I was before I went mad 3.5 years ago.

There was no stash enhancement at all (stashalongstashalongstashalong) but I did pick up these in milan.
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Pooch is his usual self, sitting next to me reading about italian cookery. I took about 10 pictures of him sitting in chairs during the week but this first one remains my favourite. In the first class lounge in paris before boarding the sleeper to milan.
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Penny said...

The colour changes in the jacket are very effective. And that's a funky teapot set.

Adrienne said...

Love that jacket!!! Thebasket weave with the color change is beautiful!

Knit Nurse said...

They are called 'sleeper' trains but it's a real misnomer. I'm still recovering from our first class cabin from Paris to Barcelona last month! Next time I feel the urge for train travel I'll do it in short stages I t hink (altho having said that the restaurant was fab!)

La said...

Welcome home, and I'm looking forward to listening to your next podcast.

LOVE the tea set, and Pooch is just as attractive as I pictured him.

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