Thursday, 26 July 2007

Denisetastic (long post)

I am not sure what a bride should be thinking about in the week before her wedding but for me the topic I default to is the same as usual - knitting.

While waiting for the pooch to make an appearance I did a little bit of browsing in accessorise and saw this.
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A make up bag, you might think. But no. Something completely different occurred to me. Because for some time there has been a problem knawing at my soul - that of what to do with the extra bits and pieces I have bought to supplement my denise-needle-love since pooch first bought them for me. I have got the pink extension kit, the two long cables, the 12 and 15mm ends as well as all the original bits and pieces. So when I saw this object the thing that immediately sprang into my mind was how similar in size the compartments are to denise needles.
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And sure enough I was right. So can you guess what happened next? Those of a frail disposition may wish to look away. I cut my denise box in half. I actually cut it up. It felt really wrong but just oh so good.
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So now I have all my denise bits together in one handy to carry bag. Hoorah! And it even has a pocket on the outside for the handy size conversion leaflet.
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I was introduced to the old song 'Life is just a bowl of cherries' via one of David Suchet's outings as Poirot in the 1980s. At the time it did strike me as slightly odd that there were two drunken women sitting on the steps of his flat singing at some early hour of the morning and as I have grown up it has really come home to me how extremely unlikely it was that Poirot would smile benevolently at them as he does in that episode. Wouldn't he instead run around shouting 'mon dieu' and complaining that his little grey cells couldn't function without uninterrupted speech? From all this you might be forgiven for thinking that I had been suffering with noisy neighbours again. But actually I've just been eating cherries.
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On the subject of agatha christie though, and since I seem determined to make this one of those really long blog posts, I was again reminded of miss marple's knitting today. I am a member of the miss marple group on ravelry and they have been discussing some of the things she knits. But there is one cardigan that geraldine mcthing wears in the new versions with an overlapping neck that I know would look awful on me but still covet. I was reminded of this when I saw the fall preview of Interweave Knits, which contains many many many things I want to wear. But the one that made me think of miss marple is tilted duster, although if she were knitting for herself I can see her much more in tangled yoke cardigan which I think is an absolutely stunning design.

So yes, here I am one week before my wedding. Um. Yep. I just can't wait for it to be over. One more week and then I get my life back and can take a break from everyone constantly asking me whether I've got it all sorted yet. I am now looking beyond the wedding which is why I decided to sign up for secret pal 11. I had thought of sitting this one out as I normally do alternate but I had such a good time with 10 I thought I might as well. Sign ups close on monday so hop over there quickly if you're interested. As I sit here typing this I am wearing the socks my pal from sp10 knitted me. They are just so lovely. Each time I get them out they make me so happy - never underestimate the power of the sock!


ambermoggie said...

distraction therapy is good:)
BTW Lidl have jars of divine cherries in syrup at the moment , the Italian ones:)

Nic said...

OOh so glad I'm not the only one thinking past the wedding!! I am just lusting after that drink I will be ordering as soon as I get on the plane to Prague on the Sunday morning.
Have fun xx

Gemma said...

Oooooooh clever use of a lovely bag!

Becky said...

My word - I can't believe you are getting married in a week - I have been out of touch for a while but I didn't realise how out of touch. I'm sure it will all go off without a hitch and will be a fabulous day. Enjoy it.

I'm facinated by Ms Marple and knitting - I'm going to have a look at those Interweave patterns now - if only I lived somewhere cold enough to actually wear a jumper !

Becky xx

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