Thursday, 9 August 2007

The aftermath

Helloooooo! Well here I am back in blogland again and firmly established as the current Mrs Whittaker. I have only had one incident of answering the phone and saying "Al*x B*rne....I mean Whittaker" so far which I think is rather good for a week. Pooch and I are off to another wedding today which will give me my first opportunity to refer to 'my husband' which I'm also looking forward to.

So photos? Well, photobucket is down so I can't do my usual uploads but here are a few through the wonders of the internet.

This is me in the taxi chortling away on the way to the registry office. The murky lump in my hand is my knitted bouquet.

Next up is the happy couple, with me still chortling away. Pooch's buttonhole was also knitted.

Then finally here is Pooch on our honeymoon, communing with nature in the form of a chicken which took to following us around for a while. We were actually at the domestic fowl trust looking at all the rare chickens and it was awesome. I have about a zillion photos of chickens should anyone care to have a gander (fnah fnah, well, this might seem funnier if I had mentioned earlier that there were geese too).

It just goes to show how stressful weddings can be because I managed to go on honeymoon without the bag of knitting I had carefully prepared. Talk about disaster. I had spent weeks deciding on the perfect project to take with me and I all very nearly went wrong. Fortunately I had packed a back-up pair of jaywalkers in the suitcase so all was not lost and I'm half way down the foot of the first one.

So yes, now we can get back to normal! Thanks so much everyone for your cards, emails and comments. It really was a lovely day and a lovely honeymoon in the cotswolds but now I'm looking forward to really getting my head down with the good old knitting. I'm still slogging away loading things onto ravelry so come and be my friend if you're on there. "littlelixie" is my moniker.


Katherine said...

Congratulations! You look so pretty!

Elizabeth said...

Yay - congratulations, Mrs Whittaker! You look lovely and can't wait to hear more about the happy event.

Susan said...

Welcome back Mr. & Mrs. Whittaker!
Lixie, you look just beautiful.
Best wishes to you both,
Susan xxx

**naughty Pooch..flirting with a chick ~ on his honeymoon! ;0)

Alison said...

Congratulations Mrs Whittaker! you look like you were having a great time. more detailed photos of bouquet and buttonhole are required!

Kate said...

You were in the Cotswolds? Inches, I say inches, from me. And you never called by. What's that? You were thinking about other things? I bet you were. Welcome back. Hope you had a lovely time. We want more pictures.

Psyched2Knit said...

You look so happy. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations! - I've been married for 10 years, and I think its the best!

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