Monday, 20 August 2007

Baby blanket goodness

Have begun work on Fu & Michelle's baby blanket. They requested turquoise and this cygnet superwash was the best I could find.
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I've made up the pattern using the lacy heart motif from here. I've got 6 balls and am just going to go for it until I run out.

Knitwise there are lots of things on the needles at the moment that are for other people. I'm just itching to break into the copy of "Knitting Nature" I got as a wedding present but am determined to finish some other bits off first. Getting ready for ally pally means I felt it was time for a clearout so there is quite a bit of yarn, some patterns and even my plymouth bamboo interchangable needles up for grabs on ebay at the moment. Here are all the listings. The bamboo interchangables are a steal at a mere pound!

I've also started revisiting another idea that I have been toying with for ages. It's still in its early stages but if you're interested take a look over here. Let me know what you think. My favourite so far and which I am probably going to treat myself to is...

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