Saturday, 25 August 2007

Colour, colour everywhere

Well that was a rather exciting day. I had my colours 'done' this morning and then spent a rather pleasurable if hot afternoon splashing the cash at those well known bastions of fashion, matalan and primark. I did try and go a bit more upmarket but if you are venturing out into the world of ....purple.... why spend £15 on a top when you could just chance £3.

Yes, so purple is now a part of my life. A colour I have positively steered clear of since the debacle with the loop-d-loop cardigan. And I wouldn't have then if it hadn't been that that was the drunk yarn Pooch landed me with. But here it is. My 200% top rated star plus colour is a grape purple reminiscent of aubergine. I think it is officially called smokey aubergine although I was in a bit of a daze that she seemed to know the proper names for all these crazy colours so can't swear to it. It is an exoerience I would thoroughly recommend. You can find out more here and the woman I saw was Morag and was really impressive.

So has all this changed my life? Wardrobe before:
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Wardrobe after:
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Overall I think it was definitely worth it and it definitely made a change for the colours I went for in my shopfest. Expect me to be wrestling Yvonne for the purple yarn any day now...

Of course here I am blethering on about colours when my last parcel from SP10 arrived. My spoiler was fbz who did quite the most amazing job of it. It's almost like she read the future with the whole colour thing too. Take a look (and bear in mind the first two parcels were equally amazing thus realising how truly spoilt I have been) :
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So that's a copy each of MAKE and CRAFT (which she mentions she got from one of the guys who does it because she actually knows all these crafty useful people) and a DVD! Of crafty gems. Yet to explore that as have been drooling over...
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That middle one is actually sock yarn on the bottom and panda wool on top, which just happen to be in the greens I've been told I should wear more of. I had been coveting panda wool from Gill's site so how cool is that that I've now got some and in the colourway best chosen to go with my 'brown summer' appearance? I think the colourway is 'ultramarine'. Is so lovely and soft...

And that wasn't all - there were candle and chocolates (which lasted all of about 2 minutes after being uncovered and a badge and cute stickers and a present for Pooch which was really thoughtful. Hoorah for SP10!


Lyndsey-Jane said...

i'd love to be told purple was my colour - as I seem to have a lot of it. Almost every wearable sweater I've knit is in some shade of purple.

Craftydramaqueen said...

I sometimes venture into purple but it clashes with my hair a tad! What a fab parcel. The sock yarn is just my cup of tea.

Fabienne said...

yay you got it! i had such a fun time putting packages together for you, and again i'm so sorry the last one was so tardy!

Probably Jane said...

I think there are still tickets going for Prince at the O2 - you might want to go as part of your purple phase....

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