Tuesday, 25 September 2007


We take a break from our usual feature to hear from this week's sponsor.... audible.co.uk

In fact they're not sponsoring me (sadly - sponsors? hello?) but they should be sponsoring knitpicks podcast as that is where I first heard about them. Take a look at this...

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I joined yesterday for £14.99 a month. I first checked on itunes to see how much buying the audio books from there would cost and audible came out cheaper everytime. Then I looked at their library and general website and liked what I saw. Then I saw that by joining the two-a-month package I get 2 free and thought "wa-hey" and got in there.

So now for £14.99 I've got £56.89 worth of listening, including the great SPM who I adore (AKA the Yarn Harlot) - and it is even read by her. And I didn't even choose the longest or most expensive ones. The unabridged one is about 19 hours long! I am a bit of an audiobook junkie so this is fab for me.

PS: Don't judge me, just because The Blair Years is in there. I am curious - I can't help it. Which reminds me of something I am sure I must have mentioned before. On a training course a few months ago a man was talking about the LGBTTQ group. LGBT I am au fait with as my little sis is their social sec at bristol uni but Q? Q? I finally asked him what it stood for. "Questioning" he tells me. So there you go. I guess I'm not curious, I'm questioning.


Lyndsey-Jane said...

Love audible! I had tried a few on-line rental place before audible that were a bit cheaper and had unlimited rentals, but the choice just wasn't the same so I bit the bullet and now I'm in love. I've been wanting to read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for so long but my hardback copy is just too heavy for me to read, I am now half way through the 4 parts (total of 40hrs) of the audio version!

Gill said...

Totally agree about Audible! Amazing value and the selection of titles available just keeps on growing. Listening to a book whilst spinning or knitting is the perfect combination. The Time Travellers Wife made me cry more than the paper version!

melcauble said...

I've used audible for 4 or 5 years now and I love it. It's a great deal for those of us who buy the audiobooks anyway. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Knit Nurse said...

Agreed, Audible is great, and I found it through another knitter's recommendation! hope you got your free ipod shuffle!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lixie

Glad to hear you and your friends are loving Audible! I've been working for them for about year and a half now and really enjoying every minute...and my unlimited audiobook account! ;-)

If you wanted to talk on some Knits It special offers then please drop me a line on bizdev_uk@audible.co.uk

Thanks Col

Anonymous said...

Service is great but why are UK prices more than double the UK ones? As an example, Anansie Boys (Neil Gaiman) is available in the US for $28, but in the UK it's £35!!!!

Sort it our Audible, this is a rip-off and I certainly won;t be buying any books from you

PS I tried to buy from the US store, but they redirected me to the UK one ;-(

Anonymous said...

I meant that UK prices are more than double *US* ones.

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