Sunday, 2 September 2007

Infamy! Infamy!

They've all got it in for me!

I speak, of course, of the germs in my throat. Once again I've been struck by the weekend-only bug which insists on keeping me fit and healthy when I have to work and only ever makes me ill in my own sweet, free time. In my hour of despair Pooch did a good job looking after me, bringing me flumps, dolly mixtures and heinz spaghetti with pork sausages (small size). However, you know how Nero fiddled while Rome burned? Well this is Pooch fiddling while Byrne moaned.

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To be slightly more precise this is him reading me information about Nigella Lawson while I lay on the bed in pain. Apparently she has 32G breasts and never wears pants. There's a woman looking for a chill in her kidneys if ever I saw one.

All this finally served to remind me of something that caught my attention on the Knitting Daily newsletter from Interweave. Now this newsletter is really good stuff. Recently they've taken to getting women from around the office to try on the knitted garments they've got in their magazines to see what they look like on 'real' people. Now admittedly a number of these random women look like they've never seen a chocolate muffin but some of them are more familiarly shaped and it is interesting to see how the garments hang on them. But the thing I was really reminded of was a debate they've been following on what size knitters really are and what sizes their patterns are. And a very interesting fact was revealed. I had always assumed that when a pattern said 36" chest it was designed for someone who was a 36A, or 36B get the picture. But no. It is the actual measurement in inches around the fullest part of the breasticles. It seems from their results that about 50% of you reading this are going "yeah? so what?" and the other 50% are saying, as I did, "OH MY GOD! I NEVER KNEW THAT! THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING."

Some of you have asked for an update on the sock wool jumper but there isn't really much to say. I'm on the last panel so will hopefully block these last two bits and start joining the rest this afternoon. Here is a shot, much the same as all the past ones!
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In others news I've got my hands on the wool for a fairisle jumper I saw in one of the Vogue mags about 2 years ago. Real shetland stuff. Am going to start that, maybe, once I've finished the sock wool one. Nic helped me choose the colours and I really like them! She is so clever with all that kind of thing.
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And so to leave you with some yarnstormesque pics of dolly mixtures.
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There weren't any of the round ones left to take pics of as I always eat those first!
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Fabienne said...

feel better very soon, as in before the weekend ends! cheers and get-well-soup thoughts, fbz

Jenn said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Please tell this American what a dolly mixture is. Looks good, but very unfamiliar.

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