Thursday, 11 October 2007

Parcels parcels

Woo hoo! I was made very happy this morning by my secret pal's parcel arriving at the crack of dawn (Pooch always thinks this is hysterical when I say that because my mum's name happens to be 'Dawn'). Lookie...
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So much good stuff. Had a good rummage through the Interweave Crochet and found this:
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..which I rather like but without the peplum. I like my circular yokes. There was of course yarn too:
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Lovely malbrigo and some rowan yorkshire tweed 4-ply in a beautiful red. This was being discussed at golders green last night so very well timed. And then there was la piece de resistance....
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Aren't they just divine? So ladylike. I fricking adore the colourway and the little buttons just make them absolutely perfect. I have long believed that
  1. When you see a magpie you should say 'good morning mr magpie' or the world will end
  2. You can significantly raise or lower your body temp by apply warmth/cold to your pulse points
I actually crocheted a pair of wrist warmer things while at the first SkipNorth but they were really rubbish. I think general cosmic karma was stopping me from making anymore because I knew these ones would be coming my way. Am going to wear them to tesco later. And then never take them off. I really really like them - thanks Plum xxx

I'm catching up after that wobble at the weekend so haven't shown you these:
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I got them while visiting Nic and the gorgeous Pete at the weekend. I was actually holding Pete when I picked these so I like to think he had a hand in the choosing. Once again I took my camera but failed to take any pics. He really is just the most adorable baby. Everywhere we went people were stopping Nic and admiring him and asking his age, name, weight and all sorts of other things that were one more than 8 weeks old would probably seem terribly intrusive. But then I don't really need to take photos because there are lots over at her blog. Doesn't he look amazing in those hats. Broody? Moi? Ahem, moving on...

Earlier in the week I did get hold of my yarn and chocolate swap parcel from the ravelry swap. Yum! Reeses pieces and m&ms and lots of other stuff now sadly gone but not forgotten. Chocolate tends not to last too long around here. I did get this rather lovely stuff which is Lorna's Laces sock yarn.
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I am vaguely thinking of this for them. But then I don't know if that is a bit aggressive for such a mellow colourway. Perhaps this could be the yarn that does justice to Jane's bracket fungus socks? Hmmm.... There was also an adorable felt covered tape measure that gives me an idea for my next parcel to my SP.

Very last thing - am not totally comfortable with the idea but I do need a voice recorder so have added a 'donate' button to the podcast site.


Fabienne said...

i think the bracket fungus would look fabulous with that colorway.

Janey said...

Great SP parcel! And those wrist warmers are beautiful.

Love that Lorna Laces too.

maylin said...

Love the Lornas Laces. I think either of those patterns would look good with it. I think I will have to make wristwarmers - I have a little Malabrigo left that might just do it!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you liked your choco+yarn love goodies. I was a little afraid you would not receive anything due to the postal strikes I keep reading about!
happy knittin'
Kelley (the Rav)

Craftydramaqueen said...

Fabulous parcel. The wrist warmers are amazing. (I'm getting deja vu - have I already commented or was it just in my head???)
Anyway, lovely yarn!

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