Friday, 16 November 2007

Dedicated to CraftyPod

I sometimes think I don't say often enough how much I adore this podcast. It is awesome. In fact I'm thinking of making the tagline to my own podcast "It's not CraftyPod, but I like it".

The most recent episode was this woman who made her blog into a book. Now for me this is very timely. I have been thinking over the last few weeks how I've stopped keeping diaries in favour of blogging (and also because they were either boring or depressing). But it does mean that the only record of my activities is online and I'm beholden to continuing to host it forever more. So I tootled over to her blog and saw that it truly is something worth keeping and also saw a couple more links on craftypod about how to do it.

So the summary of that last paragraph is that I went over to and downloaded their free software which, wait for it, makes a book out of your blog for free. I tried to do the whole blog in one book but it was over 400 pages (!) so have opted to start with 2005 and see how that goes. Is very easy to use and got the hang of it within 5 minutes. I am about 100 pages into my 7x7" blog book. One of the really good things has been re-reading posts past. Certainly lots to reflect on...

Have been doing bits and pieces of knitting this week so not much to report. A belated photo of Pooch's hat mark 2.
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And some non-knitting for once. My purse was just about falling apart and so I went on Craftster and found a tutorial for a new one. Minimal sewing and very quick to do. Sewing on the popper took longer than making the main body. Have been using it all week and am really happy with it!
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I do really like sewing but rarely do any nowadays that isn't mending. Made a nice change although naturally nothing beats a bit of knitting.

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