Thursday, 1 November 2007

New shoes...

I'm pretty sure I started another post with this title just a few weeks ago but we are again. As dame shirley sang "It's all just a little bit of history repeating."
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These were bought with the specific purpose of replacing the green ones that lead to my having the MOST unpleasant wet feet experience ever at the weekend. Pooch wondered into the bathroom last night cradling them and calling me a mass of contradictions. He said the shoes were absolutely 100% me and yet didn't go with the knitting/fat pants aspect of me. A bit like the WWE and knitting I suppose. Anyway, I think they are rather snazzy!

Today was the 'arty' day of my holiday. I started it with a bit of embroidery on some mediocre black jeans I bought a few weeks ago. They fitted OK but weren't really inspiring me to wear them so half an hour later we have...
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Can you see what it is yet? (Cue diggerydoo noises.) I think this photo illustrates very nicely the difficulties one encounters when one tries to photograph one's own leg.

The day continued with a trip to the V&A to see both the Lee Miller and Couture exhibitions. Now anyone thinking of going to see them both together I would suggest visiting the couture one first. Having not done this I came out of the Lee Miller exhibition feeling quite overwhelmed and in awe of a woman achieving so much during an age not terribly welcoming to strong-minded females. Something I didn't know is her photo essays and actual essays for Vogue reporting on the concentration camps during WW2. To have photos of jaw droppingly beautiful people contrasted with an equally artistic shot of a stack of cadavers - all people who had starved to death in one of the camps.

The Golden Age of Couture exhibition *was* very good. I think I might go back some time when it doesn't seem quite such a triviality.

My view of arty naturally includes knitting so I went on a journey to two yarn shops. I try not to be mean on this blog. So I shall merely say that the second one, IKnit, was really good. I found myself almost magnetically attracted to cones of habu silk in an amazing dark pink....even now I feel myself wincing that I came away without them but it's just as well since I didn't have a pattern in mind for them. Instead I came out with The holiday Interweave Knits and a Jean Greenhowe (I love it that they stock them). I got the Knit 1 at the 'other' shop.
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Then just three balls of yarn from the bargain bin.
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There are a couple of thing I'd really like to make. I've got elann silk mix that just wants to be this:
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I'd still want to make this even thought it is a Teva Durham:
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And this although I'm not sure it would suit me really.
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Yesterday saw me dyeing like crazy with a the result that this is still inhabiting most of the bathroom.
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The big purple mass at the front is a load of boucle I got about 3 years ago and which has been sitting refusing to speak to me all that time. Now I know it is destined to be the EZ Pi Shawl!


Janey said...

Nice haul! And I love what you've done to your jeans!

Rosie said...

Love the shoes! (Fail to see why these don't go with knitting). You were very brave teraing yourself away from the yarn, though!

BabyLongLegs said...

Great dyeing!!
I also have yarn that refuses to speak to me too.....its annoying isn't it?

Sarah xXx

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