Sunday, 2 December 2007


It's a hat...
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It's blocking as I type, over a dinner plate. Was a bit foxed by the instructions becauser they didn't mention any increases after the headband and so didn't understand how it would work. Should have known Interweave wouldn't let me down. Is the december lights tam from the Interweave Holiday mag and uses Rowan something and diakeito something else rather than the squillion colours mentioned in the pattern.

I've also been doing a few rows on the Pi Shawl which at the moment is looking pretty manky, although I do like the way the yarn and the colour is working out.
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It's something I've been doing a few rows of in bed. I was thinking about one of the blogs I've been reading where she journals every night. I don't think Pooch would tolerate glitter in the bed and a couple of rounds of knitting is much more 'me'.

I've been trying to be a bit healthier recently and sat down to a really yummy meal of toast and this lot last week.
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I can't understand why I never liked raspberries until last year. They are just so good. The texture is good, the taste is good, they look good and they are actually good for me. Goooooooooooooood.

Went and had lunch with sian, mum and rob and drove around in sian's bright yellow car. Torben was lying in a ditch on salisbury plain in the rain. I don't know how they do it. I get hysterical if my feet are wet for more than about 30 mins. Finished the hat on the way back which involved a terribly long train journey for such a short distance. Gave me pause for thought - I have a job interview tomorrow and I keep thinking..."When they ask you 'what is your greatest weakness?', what should you say?" So far all advice is to say something that is actually positive. But the example Dann gave me last night at dinner was one of the ones Sian said not to use under any circumstances, and she interviews grads for a living. I think I'm going to go with the fact that my default facial expression is 'peeved' and that in meetings I have to remember to smile and be facially expressive. I'm very big on giving feedback and expressing things verbally but I know that when you do that but your face says 'pissed off' it makes the person you're talking to uncomfortable. Geez, I'm so fricking insightful.

Another thing I've been thinking about is how to keep ones yarn cake intact. This has been my long-term solution and has been in use constantly since I made it. It's just occurred to me that I need more than one and so am writing a pattern for my own and others use.
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It even looks kind of dinky.

So...pooch is lov ely

Pooch just highjacked the laptop and typed that last bit. I'd ignore it if I were you.


Lynn said...

Hi Pooch!

Lixie! That hat..OMG I can't wait to see it modeled! It's adorable. :)

Mary-Lou said...

Such a pretty hat!

Susan said...

Here in Asia, the expensive apples and pears that come from Japan are each encased in a stretchy plastic band to protect it from bruises. These work really well for holding balls in shape while you knit. They look a bit like the one you made, but they are a finer mesh. I tried to find a photo of one online but couldn't. If I had one here, I'd snap a photo for you.

donnac1968 said...

What a fab hat!!

I've just found your podcast and have only listened to the first episode so far. I listen to a couple of others but it is great to hear one based in England. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to listening to many more episodes.

Liz said...

*Beautiful* hat, Lixie!


top hat! I once answered THAT question with the rather smartarse "not preparing an answer to this type of question". I got the job but probably in spite of my smartarsery rather than because of it. Just don't say you're a perfectionist....

Heather said...

I once used this line, given to me by a Job Centre trainer for interviews - 'I'm not aware of specific weaknesses that would impact on this job, but if I do have any, I would like to have them pointed out to me so that I can improve.'

Bit cheesy, but it worked for me - and for everyone else I know who's tried it :)

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