Friday, 26 January 2007

A bom Bam Boo

Bamboo is actually a good place to start. Look at this.

It's cheap bamboo yarn. I have not seen any myself (although if I do ever make it to issue 3 of my zine I can guess what might be the sample yarn that goes with it) but I hear reports it is 'yummy'. I can't link direct as Dianne's Knitting Yarns doesn't let you but the link to their shop is in the sidebar and their service is always very good.

So there has been yet more knitting with much progress on the hexhat from the last knitty. Here is one little heaxagon. Only about 7 more to go!
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I also made a small investment in some sock yarn on ebay from a seller called the Wool Baa. Very good service and good price too. 100g regia silk (lost the ball band but still) for about £5 when I think it's normally about £8 for 50g. I'm not mad keen on the colour so I can see some koolaid acting as an overdye but I have a pair I knitted from this already and they are sooooo comfy so i don't mind that. I've just cast on a pair in the one on the left and it looks very nice.

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The buttons are because, dear readers, I have started slimfast. You know the one. "A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and then your normal healthy dinner. I too had scoffed at all this in my younger, thinner days but I tried my first milkshake on weds and..... it was really nice! Obviously chocolate flavoured it was like mcdonald's choc milkshakes used to taste like when I was a girl. (Cue violins, right?) So the buttons were part of my 'usual healthy dinner' last night. It's all going to go rather to pot this weekend when I visit my mum but still, I'm pleased to have got started.

So as the last paragraph hinted I'm away this weekend. Hope everyone has a good one and gets lots of knitting.

OK, before I go I have to admit I bought three skeins of socks that rock sockyarn as well!!! I couldn't help myself.

OK, and I bought a clippykit bag to show off my ATCs in. Just got paid. I couldn't help myself.

OK, and I just forgot I finished my red top. here is a really bad photo of me wearing it over my snazzy pyjamas.

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Now I really must go before I confess anything else!

Monday, 22 January 2007

Bing budda boom

Have been on a training course today which continues tomorrow. It is called 'Influencing and Persuading' and my fellow students have been telling stories of stroppy team members, challenging projects and indecisive managers. Then comes my turn.

"So, Alex, why are you here today?"
"I have to deliver a hated project to an uninterested organisation with no top, middle or lower level support."
"But if no one supports your project how come you are still doing it?"
"hmmmmmmm, yes. Well you've persuaded me. Job done - I'll get my coat."
fnah fnah.

But despite all this it was actually very good and is not done yet as there is round two tomorrow still to come. Expect to be influenced and persuaded soon at a blog near you.

So where did the knitting update go? A few days late but bigger than ever. One knitted hat. Pattern is here.
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One pair of mittens in a sultry-Pooch with bonus extra Pooch-action-shot.
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One top down sleeveless raglan curtesy of an ancient Magknits. I have taken full advantage of the try-as-you-knit element of this design and in fact am almost finished (this is an early picture - although Pooch did point out when I was trying it on at this stage that it looked a bit weird and if I had some extra wool I should consider making it longer). I really like it and love that there is barely any finishing. Depending on how much I wear this one I might look at doing one with sleeves.
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The crochet afghan continues at a fair pace. Jane saved me with some additional wool and so I've started joining the squares. Oooooo and not a moment too soon as it's fricking freezing out there. I do prefer cold weather though. There is something much more honest about it. You know where you are, even if it is shivering at a bus stop.

So am off to check in at other blogs. I actually won a competition over at Woolly Mammoth's blog so you never know where a bit of reading could get you!

"And now over to the AB weather station....."

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