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Showing posts from January 21, 2007

A bom Bam Boo

Bamboo is actually a good place to start. Look at this.

It's cheap bamboo yarn. I have not seen any myself (although if I do ever make it to issue 3 of my zine I can guess what might be the sample yarn that goes with it) but I hear reports it is 'yummy'. I can't link direct as Dianne's Knitting Yarns doesn't let you but the link to their shop is in the sidebar and their service is always very good.

So there has been yet more knitting with much progress on the hexhat from the last knitty. Here is one little heaxagon. Only about 7 more to go!

I also made a small investment in some sock yarn on ebay from a seller called the Wool Baa. Very good service and good price too. 100g regia silk (lost the ball band but still) for about £5 when I think it's normally about £8 for 50g. I'm not mad keen on the colour so I can see some koolaid acting as an overdye but I have a pair I knitted from this already and they are sooooo comfy so i don't mind that. I've jus…

Bing budda boom

Have been on a training course today which continues tomorrow. It is called 'Influencing and Persuading' and my fellow students have been telling stories of stroppy team members, challenging projects and indecisive managers. Then comes my turn.

"So, Alex, why are you here today?"
"I have to deliver a hated project to an uninterested organisation with no top, middle or lower level support."
"But if no one supports your project how come you are still doing it?"
"hmmmmmmm, yes. Well you've persuaded me. Job done - I'll get my coat."
fnah fnah.

But despite all this it was actually very good and is not done yet as there is round two tomorrow still to come. Expect to be influenced and persuaded soon at a blog near you.

So where did the knitting update go? A few days late but bigger than ever. One knitted hat. Pattern is here.

One pair of mittens in a sultry-Pooch with bonus extra Pooch-action-shot.

One top down sleeveless raglan curtesy of an a…