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Showing posts from March 4, 2007

Most beautiful yarn ever

This has to win the 'most wonderful yarn/colour combination ever'. I'm totally loving watching the colour pattern emerge. It is, of course, socks that rock sock yarn.


Head is full of SkipNorth. Still lots of detail to sort out with the Guild, shops and needs of various peeps. Will be relaxing by the time it actually happens!

Sat 3rd March

Not much knitting to speak of but I did have a rather wonderful day yesterday largely due to these.

Pooch now refers to me as 'DangerByrne'. I was surprised, as I am sure some of you will be, to realise that the skating prowess I enjoyed at the age of 8 has withered somewhat in the intervening 20 years. I therefore skate with all the elegance of a newborn giraffe and make very similar noises while doing so. But skate I did. Oh yes. It took me about an hour to get approx 400m in Hyde Park yesterday as I had to keep stopping to enjoy the scenery. Meantime all these bright young things kept zipping past me. Most of them turned to skate backwards at the point where they actually took over so as to better observe my ungainly progress and snigger into their retro kitsch skater snoods. The buggers. However, I am determined to persevere as it gets me out of breath so must therefore be good for me and I don't totally hate it.

While staggering along I had the chance to enjoy a bit of…