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Showing posts from April 15, 2007

Three is company

No, not preggers. But I did win a special award for being the youngest to learn to knit in my Secret Pal group which I feel rather happy about. Strangely like I've achieved something....hmmmm. Or not.

So here is the little baby cardi I did in the james c brett marble chunky last weekend. Cast on sat am, cast off sun pm. I love marble. Marble, marble, marble. And as Anne pointed out over on the podcast page my favourite store is stocking marble chunky although only in packs. I have emailed them to ask if they'll do it by the ball and they said they'd think about it. That's what I like about them - there's real people in there that respond to one-to-one stuff with proper answers and everything.

I also, finally, finished my first magic loop socks which are destined for sianybo's poor clodhoppers. We have EB running through my dad's family. I don't have it at all although I suppose I could be a carrier. Means sianybo needs to be careful about her socks so I&#…

Parcel number two!

Knit-wise I had a pretty damn awesome week. Parcel number two has arrived already from my secret pal and boy oh boy am I being spoilt. It actually got here on Thursday but I have been rather remiss in not blogging until now. Here are some ickle pictures for you....

This is what I came across when I opened it. So much stuff!

A few highlights...some divine sock wool. This time from an australian source.

Some smellies, tied up with this amazing wire and bead stuff that was also around a CD containing tonnes of hip hop lovelyness.

A beautiful couple of magazines. My pal also included some of those page marker post-its (in red, so thoughtful) to mark my favourite patterns with and I have used every last one. Will try to scan some of them for my next post.

And then there was this.... I left it til last as I had an inkling what it might be from questions she'd asked me.

Now I have a video of my newly sock-clad feet doing a little dance but it hasn't yet made it onto the computer so these p…