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Gimme Your Stuff

Just came across this at A Journey to Middle England's blog.

Sounds like swap bot only you get to swap with an actual person rather than an anon login so less chance of those crummy no sends. I can send...

UK knitting/crochet/craft magazinesZinesYarn & Craft supplies Fabric and buttonsEnglish sweetsOther food ClothesAny london tourist type things (soft toy beefeaters, plastic models of tower bridge etc)In return I'd love to receiveNon-UK/Interweave/Vogue knitting and craft magsJapanese craft books (does anyone not want to receive these? They are so cool)Yarn and knitting suppliesButtonsSweets, especially chocolate!Funky underwear type pantsUpdated Oct 2007: Japanese craft mags gone.


Am rather jetlagged. Am confused now about when I 'should' be tired and when I shouldn't and so ended up going to bed at 8.30 last night which I don't think makes any sense at all. Has also been playing havoc with my knitting, although I did finally manage to get to the NWKtog in golders green on wed night. It was really good to see everyone again so once again I'm resolving to go every week to stay in touch with enlightened thinkers on such topics as stash acquisition!

My photos are still half on this machine and half on another so no new york review yet but I do have a couple of pics I can share. One of the bummers about travelling alone is that you can't as easily lounge around because there's no one to chat to. So during my down time i tended to veg in starbucks and other such cultural places of learning and watch the world go by. In one of these places I was fortunate enough to see this, completely at random.

Yes, that is a young man with I heart Byrne …

The Byrne is back

Hello again peeps. I'm back again on british soil with the fruits of my hardcore shopping /sight seeing expedition laid out at my feet. Only not quite because Pooch gets irate about that sort of thing. Not that I should consider this when Pooch has behaved so dispicably in my absence. I mean, look at this...

This was a healthy plant when I left. I'm hoping it will perk up. Am talking softly to it and slowly feeding it water.

So....New York, eh? I'm going to dedicate a couple of other posts to KNY (knitnewyork) at a later date and to my specific experiences but less us for now glory in what I brought back. Now I had saved up for this and was expecting to do a fair bit of economy-boosting but I amazed even myself. I truly believe even my lovely sister would be in awe of my achievements. Here is a shot of the booty.

That is my not insignificant coffee table completely slathered with gubbins. I'm not going to list it all because it's embarrasing to realise quite how much …