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New York Knitting

All shops can be seen on this google map. Let me know if you're having any trouble seeing it and I can email you a copy.
Stitches East - a shop near to MOMA and the "Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting" exhibition, review at the end of this post. This was an early introduction to the mixture of uses any building in new york is likely to have. What might look like a residential block may actually have a shop on the 5th and 9th floors. Or, as in this case, what looks like a posh corporate headquarters may actually be a mini mall with offices above it. So if you find the building don't get put off - it's in there, you just have to dig around a bit. Now at this point I was rather travel fatigued so may not have been at my most receptive but nothing here jumped out at me. Also I couldn't see prices on things which I always find amazingly off putting, even if it's just in a corner shop, so I left empty handed. But the woman there was vwery nice so would be wort…

As my mother has been heard to say....

"Jesus H Christ on a bicycle".

I just used my own Stashtimator on my stash. Now I know for a fact that thing underestimates the yardage. And I know I didn't overexagerate quantities as I wrote down what I suspected my stash weighed. But MY GOD!!!! If Pooch finds out he is going to go fund-a-mental.

I can't even write it down. Maybe I got the formulae wrong? New podcast tomorrow. Will 'fess up then, if I've stopped shaking.