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Showing posts from June 17, 2007

Podcast and Knitting magazine

Busy week so far... A new podcast is on itunes or at the usual address of Hope you like it!

At the golders green knitting group last night Laura asked me whether I knew my blog was in 'Knitting' magazine. One short trip to tescos later and here I am...
Weird huh? Anyway if anyone knows the woman who writes that bit do ask her to get in touch and maybe we can share some lixie-love with a podcast interview?!

Quite a lot of knitting to display today. Firstly I am *still* slogging away on the trekking socks. They are very much a 'when-i-can't-thi9nk-of-anything-else-to-do' project.
I have now turned the heel of the second one so they should be finished by the time it gets cold again.

I started a little charity jumper in the round when Pooch and I went to see the fantastic 4 at the weekend. Is nice mindless tube knitting for the tube/bedtime (yes, dudes, I knit in bed).

Finally we've got what i broke my yarn diet for, although it's all…